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Gippsland Local Jobs Expo held at Moe Town Hall on 22 Nov 2023 was successful at connecting 350 job seekers with employers
Latrobe City Council hosted the Gippsland Local Jobs Expo, connecting more than 350 jobseekers with employers, training, and support services at Moe Town Hall.

Hidden Disability Sunflower initiative launched by Latrobe City Council gives support to people with non-visible special needs
Latrobe City Council joins the Hidden Disability Sunflower program to raise awareness for non-visible disabilities. Wearing the sunflower merchandise discreetly signals needing support, launching on 3 Dec 2023.

Outdoor pools at Moe and Yallourn North in Latrobe City now open until 11 March 2024
Latrobe City Council opens outdoor pools! Enjoy them before summer. Moe and Yallourn North pools, open till March 11, 2024, offer grassy spaces, shade, BBQs, and kids' areas for a perfect summer day.

Community Gardens Guidelines adopted by Latrobe City Council to promote sustainability and vibrant public spaces
Council approves Community Gardens Guidelines to aid groups in establishing gardens on council-managed land, fostering community health, sustainability, and aligning with the council's strategic directions for vibrant, accessible spaces.

New Changing Places facility at Apex Park in Moe unveiled by Latrobe City Council
Latrobe City Council introduces an inclusive Changing Places facility in Apex Park, enhancing community access and connection, funded jointly by the state government and council.

Traralgon Tennis Association hosts Latrobe City Traralgon Tennis International 2024 featuring two Australian Pro Tour events
The Latrobe City Traralgon Tennis International returns with two Pro Tour events, supported by Tennis Australia, Tennis Victoria, local councils, and community, aiming to promote tennis and boost the region's economy.

Deakin Melbourne Boomers to do basketball showcase in Traralgon on 26 November 2023
Since 2018, the Boomers have brought WNBL best to Gippsland. This year, supported by the Victorian government, Latrobe City Council, and AGL Loy Yang.

Latrobe City Council honoured grant recipients awarded $580k for community projects and club sponsorships in Oct 2023
The Community Grants Program aids local initiatives with social and economic benefits, celebrated through diverse categories at the Gippsland Performing Arts Centre. Mayor Darren Howe lauded community investments.

Quantum Support Services withdraw from buying Hazelwood House in Churchill due to partnership uncertainties
Quantum Support Services withdrew from buying Hazelwood House in Churchill due to partnership uncertainties, thanking Latrobe City Council for the opportunity to explore a Youth Foyer project. Future plans will be discussed by the council.

Family Assist aids Latrobe Valley parents find tailored healthcare and support for children
Latrobe Health Assembly launched Family Assist, aiding Valley caregivers in accessing tailored child healthcare, local services, and community events.

BRAD specialty recycling box for Latrobe City to boost increase recycling rates and promote eco-conscious disposal
Latrobe City Council collaborates with BRAD's Banish Recycling and Disposal Program to launch a Specialty Recycling Box, promoting higher recycling rates and environmental awareness among locals.

Latrobe City Children Expo 2023 during National Children's Week had families flock to Kernot Hall for local services and connections
Latrobe City Council hosted a successful Children's Expo during National Children's Week at Kernot Hall, offering family services and entertainment, fostering community connections, and showcasing local resources.

Traralgon-Morwell shared pathway running 14km officially opened by Latrobe City Council
Latrobe City Council celebrates the official opening of the 14km Traralgon-Morwell Shared Pathway, promoting active travel, community well-being, and accessibility, with funding from TAC and the federal government.

Hard waste collection reminder in Latrobe City for community from November through December 2023
The service is for kerbside collection users, allowing up to 2 cubic meters of accepted hard waste items without bookings needed. Acceptable items listed; exceptions include hazardous materials.

Have Your Say on Latrobe City 2024/25 Annual Budget via community engagement platform by 26 November 2023
Latrobe City Council invites community input through the Have Your Say platform by November 26, 2023, to integrate community priorities into the 2024/25 Budget for a well-balanced allocation of funds.

SEC Strategic Plan in Morwell gets backing of $1B renewable energy investment from Victorian government
The launch of the SEC's Strategic Plan 2023-2025 is a major step toward a sustainable future for Latrobe City, backed by the Victorian government's $1 billion investment in renewable energy.

Latrobe City Interim Social and Affordable Housing Policy extended for another two more years
Latrobe extends the policy that supports housing planning permit applications aligned with the Latrobe City Social and Affordable Housing Strategy.

Kernot Hall first stage of redevelopment completed with $2.5M funding from Community Infrastructure Loans Scheme
Latrobe City Council held an official opening event to showcase upgrades at Kernot Hall. The renovations aimed to enhance accessibility, ensuring the venue's continued success in hosting various events.

Latrobe City funds $315k in community grants and sponsorships for 2023/24
Latrobe City Council congratulates Round One of the 2023/24 Community Grants and Sponsorship Program recipients, funding 92 projects with $289,311 in grants and $26,015 in sponsorship. Round Two opens on January 29, 2024.

Kay Street multi-level car park project needs community feedback by 29 October 2023
Latrobe City Council invites community members to join the Project Reference Group for the Kay Street Traralgon multi-level car park, funded by the Regional Car Parks initiative, contributing to 900 new parking spaces in the area.

LED Streetlight Project for Latrobe City for brighter, greener, and cost-efficient lighting to be completed by December 2023
Council is undertaking a project to install 2,825 LED streetlights, aiming to cut costs, lower energy consumption, and enhance visibility. The initiative is supported by diverse funding sources and has received safety and performance endorsements.

Becon Constructions to add a parking level at Seymour and Hotham Street Car Park delivering 115 spaces for Latrobe City Council
Construction of an additional parking level will occur in two stages, from Oct 2023 to mid-2024, with details on parking arrangements and community updates provided. Mayor acknowledges benefits and minor disruptions.

Learn to Skate at free workshop in Moe on 28 September 2023
Stage Two of Moe Revitalisation Project, led by Latrobe City Council, is almost complete, transforming George Street, Moe, into a dynamic shared youth precinct and community open space.

Latrobe City Small Business Festival 2023 successfully concludes after two weeks of diverse seminars and workshops
The Latrobe City Council Small Business Festival concluded after two weeks of diverse seminars and workshops, offering 11 free events on topics like retail, marketing, and collaboration. It fostered industry growth and sustainability.

Completed lighting upgrades in Latrobe City unveiled to boost community sports engagement
Latrobe City Council unveiled sports site upgrades funded by the state government's stimulus program, including lighting improvements at five locations to boost community sports engagement and involve local businesses.

Sports Lighting Projects for Latrobe City to be officially unveiled on 25 September 2023
The Sports Lighting Projects, funded by the government's Sport and Recreation Victoria Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program, will be officially unveiled on September 25th at 11 am.

Latrobe City Council mandates photo ID and registration for in-person attendance, live-streams meetings and gallery limits
Latrobe City Council mandates photo ID and registration for in-person attendance, live-streams meetings for accessibility, limits gallery capacity to 60, encourages public participation, and maintains confidentiality for certain segments.

Latrobe City Public Toilet Plan approved after community input for safe, well-kept, sustainable facilities citywide
In a recent six-week public consultation, 64 submissions prompted seven proposed Plan modifications, elevating the estimated capital works budget to $4.82 million.

Victorian Teachers' Games 2023 held at Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium great success
2023 Victorian Teachers' Games held at the Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium from 17 to 20 September, featured various activities at Latrobe City venues, boosting the local economy and tourism.

Hannah Hooimeyer, Georgie Lambert and Joseph Young receive Latrobe City Trust Scholarship 2023
The Latrobe City Trust held its annual awards ceremony, honouring recipients of scholarships including Hannah Hooimeyer, Georgie Lambert, and Joseph Young. Mayor Kellie O'Callaghan commended the Trust's community support efforts.

Clothes Transfer Stations from Upcycle4Better open to recycle your old clothes, shoes, home textiles and soft toys in Latrobe City
Latrobe City residents can recycle unwanted clothes, shoes, and textiles at four transfer stations free of charge. The initiative diverts textile waste from landfill and helps to improve waste management in the region.

Sport and Recreation Expo at Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium on 27 September 2023
Latrobe City Council collaborates with youth to co-design a Sport and Recreation Expo on September 27, featuring stalls, skill sessions, competitions, and more to engage young people in physical activity.

Stay Local with quality school holiday activities from 18 - 28 September 2023 at Latrobe City libraries
Stay Local School Holiday Activities program has something for everyone at Latrobe Leisure, Gippsland Performing Arts Centre, Latrobe Regional Gallery and Latrobe City Libraries. Let your imagination wander and see what you can discover.

Dolly Parton Imagination Library brought to Latrobe Valley with free books for kids born January 2023 - July 2024
Latrobe Health Assembly is initiating a home-based program aimed at enhancing early childhood literacy through reading. The program has been endorsed by parents, caregivers, and community service providers.

Great Global Greyhound Walk is coming to Gippsland at Agnes Brereton Park, Traralgon on 24 September 2023
LVGG, an informal collective, is organising the 2023 Global Greyhound Walk in Gippsland. Founded in Nov 2022, it has quickly grown to 22 dogs attending monthly walks from Agnes Brereton Reserve, covering a 3km path along Traralgon Creek.

Latrobe City Council delegation to Japan to boost hydrogen energy partnership and develop focus on future energy source
Latrobe City Council is actively pursuing a leading role in sustainable energy, with a focus on hydrogen as a future energy source. The region's abundant resources and energy expertise position it to play a major role in the global hydrogen economy.

Latrobe City entrepreneurs celebrate Small Business Festival launch on 4 September 2023 was success
Latrobe City Council Small Business Festival, launched on September 4, celebrates local entrepreneurs, with Victorian Small Business Commissioner, Lynda McAlary-Smith as a special guest.

Latrobe City Council shows overall performance rating of 59 from 100 for Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey 2022/23
Latrobe City Council's 2022/23 Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey revealed a score of 59/100 for overall performance, surpassing the state and regional averages and showing strengths in arts, libraries, recreation, and waste management.

Latrobe City joins other councils to collaborate on innovative asphalt recycling project with RMIT University and Austroads
This project addresses Australia's 2.6 million-ton annual plastic waste issue by using recycled materials in road construction, reducing landfill, enhancing roads, and promoting sustainability.

Nominations open for Latrobe City Australia Day Awards 2024 until 10 October 2023
The 2024 Latrobe City Australia Day Awards honour exceptional local contributors. Anyone can nominate, and all eligible nominees receive recognition.

Greater Gliders in Latrobe City to find new homes with $50,000 grant from Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action
A collaborative research project in Latrobe City has successfully bolstered the Greater Glider population, with Greening Australia adding 118 records, achieving high densities.

Franco Fava joins 2023 Latrobe City Sporting Hall of Fame as Bocce Legend
Franco Fava, a Bocce luminary, joined Latrobe City's Sporting Hall of Fame for his remarkable roles as a coach, player, and referee.

Old Methodist Church needs community feedback on future use and location by 23 August 2023
The Latrobe City Council invites input from individuals and groups regarding the future of the Old Methodist Church. They seek ideas, funding sources, and support information.

Structured Transition Agreement with AGL with ensure stability for community and workforce says Latrobe City Council
Council values AGL's commitment to operate Loy Yang A until 2035, granting a 12-year workforce notice, acknowledging the $50M Community and Economic Development Fund and endorsing AGL's vision and fostering employment opportunities.

Children Expo invites to local business to for register stalls on 26 October 2023 at Kernot Hall in Morwell
Latrobe City Council invites stallholders citywide to join the Children's Expo on October 26, celebrating National Children's Week. Register now.

Small Business Festival returns to Latrobe Valley from with events and networking from 4 to 15 September 2023
Small Business Festival celebrates small businesses' contributions, fostering growth through diverse programs. Gain inspiration, connections, and skills enhancement. Special guests, workshops, and a night market await.

Planning permit for 52 dwellings at Dunbar Road Morwell declined by Latrobe City Council due to priority for Janet Street Industrial Precinct
Mayor Kellie O'Callaghan of Latrobe City Council highlighted community involvement in Dunbar Road land development. With 139 objections and 4 supportive submissions, the council declined the 52-dwelling proposal due to community concerns.

Latrobe City Council Sustainability Action Plan seeks community expression of interest' by 11 September 2023
Latrobe City Council working with the community through 'Expressions of Interest' for the Sustainability Action Plan (2023-2033) to improve eco-friendly operations and living.

Latrobe City Small Small Business Festival 2023 commences on 4 September 2023
Latrobe City Small Business Festival offers free and low-cost events, including 3 keynote talks by global leaders Amanda Stevens, Simon Kustenmacher, and Katrina McCarter. The festival focuses on Transition & Transform with expert workshops.

Adopting pets promoted by Latrobe City Council with desexed, vaccinated and microchipped dogs and cats available
Prioritise pet adoption by Latrobe City Council; animals come desexed and vaccinated. 20 recent adoptions enhance community unity. Mayor highlights positive pet influence, adoption advantages.

Latrobe Valley Authority sustainable transition plan with Victorian government and industry collaboration recognised by council
Council recognizes Latrobe Valley Authority's plan, harmonising with council's goals, fostering collaboration, for community, economic, and sustainable progress.

Morwell NAB Bank branch closure causes disappointment and concern from Latrobe City Council
Latrobe City Council expresses concern over Morwell NAB Bank branch closure, impacting businesses and accessibility to banking services in the CBD. Council advocates for solutions and encourages community support.

Register for Sport and Recreation Expo at Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium (GRISS) on 27 September 2023
Join the Youth-Led Sport Expo in Latrobe City! Engage in physical activities, enjoy stalls, food, competitions, and music. Local clubs can register for free. September 27, 11 am - 4 pm.

Updated governance rules to allow virtual and hybrid meetings in Latrobe City Council open to feedback by August 7 2023
Latrobe City Council released Draft Governance Rules, seeking public feedback on updated procedures for virtual, in-person, and hybrid meetings. Community consultation open until August 7.

Launch of International Rose Garden Festival Morwell set to attracting thousands of visitors from 11 - 12 November 2023
Latrobe City Council Mayor Kellie O'Callaghan launches the 6th International Rose Garden Festival Morwell, attracting visitors with 4000 roses, Night Light Show, and special guest Costa Georgiadis. Free entry, Nov 11-12.

Free Podcast Workshops at Moe Library from July to August 2023 with state-of-the-art studio
Latrobe City Libraries offer free podcast workshops at Moe Library, empowering the community to share stories and ideas through a state-of-the-art studio. Bookings required. No experience needed.

Latrobe City acknowledges Victorian government $2B package for regional development after cancelled Commonwealth Games
Latrobe City Council acknowledges Victoria's commitment to regional development despite Commonwealth Games cancellation, focusing on housing, tourism, and sporting infrastructure for lasting benefits.

International Rose Garden Festival in Morwell from 11 - 12 November 2023
2023 International Rose Garden Festival in Morwell on Nov 11-12. Marvel at 4000 roses cared for by volunteers. Enjoy stalls, workshops, music, and Remembrance Day tribute. Night illumination by AGL Loy Yang.

Latrobe City disappointment over Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games cancellation
Latrobe City aims to leverage the $2B package for lasting benefits and explore hosting major sporting events.

Latrobe City Landslip Remediation Program completes 72 sites to ensure safe road infrastructure
Latrobe City Council completes 72 landslip remediation sites with government funding. Award-winning effort recognized for improving road infrastructure and preventing future landslips.

Latrobe Leisure wins Community Impact Award for Exercise and Cancer Pilot
The Victorian government's $2B package for regional Victoria includes worker accommodation, housing, tourism, events, and food exports support, aiming to boost the region's economy and well-being.

Join National Tree Day at Haunted Hills Bike Park on 30 July 2023 with Planet Ark
Latrobe City Council and Planet Ark invite residents to join National Tree Day, planting trees to improve the environment. A Tree Day event will be held, and participants can register online.

Join the Women's Soccer World Cup 2023 Screening at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre on 20 July 2023 to support the Matildas
Latrobe City Council invites the community to watch Women's World Cup 2023 matches at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre, supporting the Matildas and celebrating international women's soccer with a vibrant atmosphere.

Latrobe City Council funds 2023 Women's National Basketball League match and 2024/26 Baseball Victoria U16 Winter Championships
Latrobe City Council has endorsed the Tourism and Major Events Advisory Committee's recommendations to fund a women's basketball match and a baseball championship, aiming to bring economic benefits and promote the region as a sporting events hub.

Latrobe City embraces innovation with its vision for diversified economy and sustainable future in transition plan
Latrobe City aspires to be a smart, sustainable, and innovative hub by leveraging strengths, embracing new technologies, and diversifying industries for economic growth and job opportunities through partnerships and investments.

Latrobe City Business Chamber gets first year of funding for Latrobe City Council and to hold workshop with Dr Keith Suter in Morwell
Latrobe City Council supports the Latrobe City Business Chamber with funding for its first year, aiming to boost regional business development, networking, and collaboration in Latrobe City.

Latrobe City Council continues to advocate for workers affected by job losses in timber and paper industry
Latrobe City Council supports timber workers and seeks One Gippsland's help to amplify their voices, collaborate with stakeholders, and address job losses through tailored support programs and alternative job creation.

Latrobe City Council focused on attracting investments for sustainable economic growth
Latrobe City Council: Attracting investments in key industries for sustainable economic growth and transformation, offering opportunities in engineering, advanced air mobility, hydrogen, education, and health services.

Check that building projects for homes have correct approvals encouraged to residents by Latrobe City Council
Latrobe City Council urges residents to obtain proper approvals for renovations and construction, as illegal building works have increased. Non-compliance can lead to fines, but resources are available on the council's website.

Latrobe City Council Adopts 2023/24 Annual Budget with investments in infrastructure and community projects highlighted
Latrobe City Council adopts 2023/24 Budget, prioritising road network and infrastructure investments, delivering $43.8 million in capital works, and acknowledging community input. A 3.5 percent rate increase is implemented.

Psychological First Aid Training as community safety initiative supported Latrobe City Council
Latrobe City Council supports community members completing Psychological First Aid Training, emphasising its importance in responding to emergencies and fostering community safety.

Feedback wanted on draft Community Gardens Guidelines Latrobe City Council by 31 July 2023
The guidelines specify criteria, roles, and application process for community groups seeking to establish gardens on council-owned land, aiming to promote health, environmental education, and vibrant communities. Public feedback is encouraged.

Latrobe City Council taskforce attends 2023 National General Assembly and Australian Council of Local Government in Canberra
The Latrobe City Council delegation attended national meetings and engaged with government representatives, including the Prime Minister, to advocate for support in the region's transition and highlight key priorities for the community.

Amid job losses at APM Maryvale Mill Latrobe City committed to attracting new industries and creating new jobs
Collaborative commitment for economic resilience. Job losses demand immediate action. Call for transition support and diversification. Advocate for impacted workers and revitalization efforts.

Latrobe City Council explores support for affected workers and advocates economic diversification for Gippsland timber industry
The Latrobe City Council recognizes the timber industry contributions to the local economy, they aim to explore options and provide support for affected workers.

Successful applications announced for Latrobe City Council 2022/23 Community Grants and Sponsorship Programs with over $265K of funding
A total of 62 grant applications and one sponsorship application were approved, supporting various categories such as capital works, equipment, community well-being, and events.

Latrobe City Council partners with Victorian government to become regional host cities of Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games
Latrobe City Council partners with the Victorian government for Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games, showcasing sports, culture, and regional development with economic benefits and community engagement.

Gaskin Park in Churchill gets $330,000 upgrade funding from Latrobe CIty Council and Sport and Recreation Victoria
Latrobe City Council welcomes funding for upgrades at Gaskin Park, benefiting local sports clubs and increasing venue usage. The project may attract regional events, providing economic benefits.

Michelle Prezioso of Latrobe Regional Library employee goes to Summer Undergraduate Residency Program at the New York Academy of Art
Michelle Prezioso, an employee at Latrobe Regional Gallery, will participate in a Summer Undergraduate Residency Program at the New York Academy of Art, focusing on painting and portraiture.

Latrobe City celebrates 2023 Reconciliation Week with flag raising ceremony on outside Morwell headquarters
Latrobe City embraces Reconciliation Week, fostering unity, respect, and ongoing partnerships with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community through meaningful engagement and celebrations.

Yiayia Next Door Community Healing Event for local community at Moe Library on 13 June 2023
Latrobe City Libraries welcome Daniel and Luke Mancuso, founders of Yiayia Next Door, for a special Men's Health Week discussion facilitated by author Scot Gardner. Their story inspires connection and kindness. Refreshments available.

Flood Recovery and Resilience Project for Latrobe City gets $236M funding over 10 years from federal government
Latrobe City Council backs $236m Federal investment for reliable flood warning network and infrastructure projects.

Visitor Servicing Fund applications to boost Gippsland tourism now open with grants of up to $625,000 until 3 July 2023
Introducing the Visitor Servicing Fund: Grants up to $625,000 available for innovative tools and ideas that enhance visitor experiences, promoting longer stays and increased spending in Victoria. Apply by July 3, 2023.

Opal workers undergoing timber transition get support of Latrobe City Council by urging Victorian government for more renewable jobs
Latrobe City Council supports Opal workers in timber transition, urges government action for renewable jobs amid power plant closures and supply uncertainty at Maryvale Mill.

Re-establishment of State Electricity Commission in Morwell welcomed by Latrobe City Council
Latrobe City Council welcomes government's SEC re-establishment commitment, generating jobs, supporting community, and advancing renewable energy goals with $1 billion investment.

Volunteers honoured by Latrobe City Council during National Volunteer Week recognising their impactful role in community
Latrobe City Council honoured volunteers during National Volunteer Week, recognizing their crucial support to the nation.

Have your Say for Creative Latrobe to bring vibrant art to Traralgon, Morwell, Moe, Churchill by 2 July 2023
Creative Latrobe, a partnership between Latrobe Health Assembly, Latrobe City Council, and the community, aims to bring vibrant art installations to Traralgon and select sites based on community input, feasibility, and benefit.

Net Zero Authority in federal budget 2023/24 embraced by Latrobe City Council as emphasises hydrogen and renewable energy priorities
Latrobe City Council welcomes national Net Zero Authority in Federal Budget, emphasises hydrogen and renewable energy priorities, acknowledges cost-of-living relief measures.

Shop local during Main Streets of Australia Week from 18 to 21 May 2023 with Latrobe City gift cards
Latrobe City Council celebrates Main Streets of Australia Week, promoting support for local businesses and offering the community the opportunity to win Latrobe City Gift cards.

Volunteering Connections Event at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre Forecourt on 27 May 2023 by Latrobe City Council
Latrobe City Council Volunteering Connections Event on May 27 at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre Forecourt promotes local volunteer opportunities and enables community members to connect with groups seeking assistance.

Have your say on draft Fenced Dog Park Plan for Latrobe City by 21 June 2023
Council has endorsed the Draft Fenced Dog Park Implementation Plan for public consultation, prioritising and delivering fenced dog parks based on guidelines and assessments of potential sites, and inviting community feedback.

Latrobe Valley invited to Candlelight Vigil at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre on 3 May to remember women and children lost to family violence
Latrobe City Council hosts a Candlelight Vigil to honour victims of family violence at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre, inviting the community to join in reflection and solidarity.

Jumbuk Road in Jumbuk temporarily closed on 1 May 2023 due to landslip repair work
Jumbuk Road in Latrobe City will close from 1 May for at least two weeks to repair landslips, previously reduced to one lane.

Latrobe City kindergarten enrolment 2024 starts on 1 May 2023
Starting from May 1st, 2023, enrollment for three and four-year-old kinder in 2024 will commence, and it will end on June 30th, 2023. The link to register for 2024 kinder online will be accessible from May 1st onwards.

Business support wanted for Latrobe City Main Streets four-day event with $2,000 gift card giveaway from 18 to 21 May 2023
Latrobe City celebrates Main Streets of Australia Week with a four-day event, including a Shop Latrobe City campaign and a $2,000 gift card giveaway, local businesses can participate.

Latrobe City Council develops industry transition plan to shift towards sustainable, diverse economy as coal industry closes
Latrobe City shifts from traditional power generation to sustainable industries, aided by 'Our Transition' plan for economic diversification and low-emission future.

Information session for a proposed local Wet Waste Drying Facility at Hyland Highway Landfill near Loy Yang on 19 April 2023
On 19 April, join the info session on a local Wet Waste Drying Facility at Hyland Highway Landfill to reduce operational costs of drainage waste disposal in Latrobe City.

Latrobe City Council seeks application for Gaskin Park upgrades in Churchill from Sport and Recreation Victoria
Latrobe City Council endorses funding for Gaskin Park upgrade, which includes $250k grant and $100k of own funds for surface improvements.

Feedback on draft 2023/24 Latrobe City Council budget featuring key infrastructure projects and services by 5 May 2023
Council has approved its Draft 2023/24 Budget and is inviting community members to review and submit feedback by May 5th. The balanced budget includes $21.6 million for infrastructure investment and forecasts a $7.5 million surplus.

Have Your Say Latrobe City website launched and open for feedback on council projects and services
Latrobe City Council urges registration for Have Your Say website. Residents can share feedback on projects and services to shape the city's future.

Recycled asphalt products being used in roadworks such as Reconophalt and recycled glass by Latrobe City Council
Latrobe City Council uses recycled materials, including Reconophalt and recycled glass, in roadworks to support sustainability and quality. Future trials with soft plastics are planned.

Hyland Highway Landfill Gas Project for saves costs and reduces emissions
Latrobe City Council extends landfill gas project, saves costs, reduces emissions, and aims for net zero emissions, while being a leader in renewable energy.

Landslip remediation complete in Strzelecki Ranges and three outliers in Yallourn North
Remediation works at 54 registered landslip sites are complete with $15.3M funding from federal and Victorian governments, the mayor pleased with the recovery efforts.

Community feedback wanted on Planning for children and families by Latrobe City Council by 3 April 2023
Latrobe City engaging with community and service providers to understand early years needs, seeking feedback via survey for Municipal Early Years Plan.

More kindergarten places and modern facilities in Latrobe Valley with $3.68M funding from Building Blocks Partnership
Latrobe City Council and the Victorian government's Building Blocks Partnership will fund two kindergarten projects, creating 100+ new places and modernising facilities.

Microcosms from a Serendipitous Trail project launch by artist Juan Rodriguez Sandoval at Narracan Creek Bridge
Guatemalan-born-Australian artist Juan Rodriguez Sandoval creates sculptures celebrating nature, rail trail, to be launched on 25 March 2023, co-funded by the government transport program.

Mid Valley Shopping Centre to host Gippsland Jobs Expo in partnership with Local Jobs Program on 23 March 2023
Latrobe City Council and LJP will host Gippsland Jobs Expo at Mid Valley Shopping Centre on March 23. Job seekers can meet employers, no registration needed. Businesses can register to exhibit.

Henselite Victorian Open: Largest bowls event for state is in Gippsland for 24 March to 2 April 2023
Victoria's largest bowl event scheduled from the 24th March to 2nd April 2023.

Latrobe City Council seeks federal funding from Disaster Ready Fund for much-needed projects that will reduce the impacts of flooding
Latrobe City Council has endorsed applications for the Disaster Ready Fund, including an Urban Flood Study and Drainage Strategy.

People living with a disability remains priority for Latrobe City Council Disability and Inclusion Plan
Latrobe City Council is committed to ensuring that our facilities are welcoming and accessible for all visitors.

Gippsland Performing Arts Centre celebrates first year of operation on 3 March 2023
Latrobe City Council is proud to have celebrated Gippsland Performing Arts Centre's (GPAC) first birthday on 3 March.

Latrobe City celebrates International Women's Day on 8 March 2023
As part of International Women's Day, Latrobe City Council is undertaking a range of activities to celebrate women both in the community and throughout the organisation.

Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Project for Latrobe Valley awarded AU$2.35 billion from Japanese Green Innovation government fund
The HESC Project is now entering the commercial demonstration phase with the commitment of JPY220 billion (AUD$2.35 billion) in funding from the Japanese government's Green Innovation Fund.

Kellie O'Callaghan as Mayor of Latrobe City welcomes Japanese pledge to establish large-scale liquefied hydrogen supply chain
The announcement of $2.35 billion AUD investment to establish an international large-scale liquefied hydrogen supply chain is significant for not only Latrobe, but for the state of Victoria and Australia.

Latrobe City Council meeting agenda for 6 March 2023
Latrobe City Council meeting agenda held on 6 March 2023 in Nambur Wariga Meeting Room Corporate Headquarters, Morwell.

Join up for Clean Up Australia Day on 5 March 2023 and help or improve and protect our environment
Latrobe City Council supports Clean Up Australia Day and recognises the importance of taking care of our environment.

Protecting endangered Grey Billy Buttons with help of Latrobe City Council and other local organisations
Latrobe City's protection and propagation of endangered plant species 'Grey Billy Buttons'.

Latrobe City Council to attend Senate References Committee Inquiry to advocate for regional banking needs on 4 March 2023
Council has advocated for improved access to banking services as closures have occurred over many years.

Advanced air mobility development to become national leader undertaken by Latrobe City Council with Swinburne University
Working collaboratively to co-design the future of advanced air mobility (AAM) will be the focus of a new partnership between Latrobe City Council and Swinburne University of Technology.

Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct to be showcased at 2023 Avalon Australian International Airshow
Latrobe City Council will raise the profile of the Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct by attending the Avalon 2023 Australian International Airshow this week.

Successful Road Reseal and Rehabilitation Program for 2022/23 in Latrobe City
As part of its annual Capital Works Program, Latrobe City Council delivers Road Reseal and Rehabilitation Programs, along with regular road maintenance activities.

Morwell Park Kindergarten opens its first classes on 7 February 2023 and enrolments are still open
Latrobe City Council has opened its new Morwell Park Kindergarten, with students attending their first day on Tuesday 7 February.

Morwell Activity Centre Plan to be submitted to Minister for Planning for approval with Amendment C137
Latrobe City Council has adopted a planning scheme amendment for the Morwell Activity Centre Plan. The Amendment will now be submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Fast-track establishment of State Electricity Commission in Morwell called for by Latrobe City Council as APM Mill cuts jobs
Latrobe City Council is calling on the Federal and Victorian governments along with Opal to support a considered transition for the region following the announcement at Maryvale Mill this morning.

Hard waste collection dates for Latrobe residents from February to April 2023
Latrobe City Council is encouraging residents to utilise the hard waste collection service that will be available across the municipality from the end of February through to April.

Council rates across Gippsland discounted by $253.20 for eligible cardholders for 2022/2023
Latrobe City Council is reminding pensioners that eligible cardholders are entitled to a Municipal Rates Concession, funded by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.

Latrobe City proudly congratulates 2023 Australia Day Awards winners
Nominees and winners of the 2023 Australia Day Awards held at the Gippsland Performing Arts Centre.

Traralgon Library welcomes Lifeline Gippsland to help support the vulnerable Australians
Calls to Lifeline Gippsland continue to be answered by local volunteers thanks to the support of Latrobe City Council.

Community feedback wanted amendment to north of Baldwin Road in Traralgon in plan for future residential growth
Latrobe City Council is planning for future growth and is inviting the community to provide feedback on a proposed expansion of residential development to the north of Traralgon.

Latrobe City annual community satisfaction survey to place on 30 January 2023
Latrobe City residents may soon receive a phone call inviting them to participate in the annual Community Satisfaction Survey.

List of free community events across Latrobe City to celebrate Australia Day
Various community events will be held across Latrobe City on Australia Day.

Residents reminded to get permit to use fire in open air during Fire Danger Period in Latrobe City from Country Fire Authority
The Country Fire Authority (CFA) declared the Fire Danger Period will commence in Latrobe City on 16 January.

Latrobe City Council invites everyone to get active with Latrobe Leisure membership
Latrobe City residents are encouraged to stay active and fit through Latrobe Leisure membership.

Community feedback wanted on car parking in Traralgon by 20 January 2023
Latrobe City Council is encouraging community members to have their say on car parking in Traralgon's central business district.

Ageing Well Action Plan now available to help shape healthy wellbeing of the elderly in Latrobe City
Latrobe City developed a new ageing well plan that will address priorities and support people who are aged 55 years and over.

Pet owners reminded to be responsible and make sure their pets are registered in Latrobe City Council
Responsible pet ownership reminder as we head towards the holidays.

Latrobe City Youth Council brings Zummer Fest on 17 December at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre outdoor theatre
Latrobe City is proud to present the Zummer Fest event that will bring together music, art, food and fun this December.

Latrobe City Council invests $3.95M in public lighting upgrades and solar panel installations across local facilities
Latrobe City Council noted its position on climate change and endorsed further works to be undertaken in new energy projects at its council meeting this week.

Moe Revitalisation Project to have stage two completed by mid-December 2022
Latrobe City Council is one step closer to delivering Stage Two of the Moe Revitalisation Project as works begin this December.

Latrobe City Council invests $1.95M for 2022/23 road reseal program commencing 6 December 2022
Latrobe City Council is currently preparing for the 2022/23 Road Reseal Program which will commence on 6 December.

Hard Waste collection to begin in Yinnar, Yinnar South and Boolarra on 6 and 13 December 2022
Latrobe City Council's hard waste collection service will begin in Yinnar, Yinnar South and Boolarra this December, followed by other towns in the new year.

Celebrate International Day of People with Disability on 2 December 2022 with Latrobe Leisure and Gippsport
Latrobe City Council in partnership with Latrobe Leisure and Gippsport invite the community to free celebrations in recognition of International Day of People with Disability.

Skilled migration workshop to better support business in Latrobe City has information session on 7 December 2022
Latrobe City Council in partnership with Regional Development Victoria is hosting a skilled migration workshop this December as part of the Skilled and Business Migration Program.

Community encouraged to use Shop Latrobe City gift cards to promote local shopping this Christmas
Latrobe City Council is encouraging the community to keep their Christmas spending local this year by purchasing a Shop Latrobe City gift card from participating stores.

Range of activities for Activism campaign in Latrobe City from 25 November to 10 December 2022
A range of activities will get underway this week in Latrobe City as part of the 16 Days of Activism campaign.

Latrobe City Council calls on property owners to place secondary residences to help with housing shortage
Latrobe City Council is calling on property owners across Latrobe City to consider placing secondary properties on the rental market.

Latrobe City needs massive transition support for major industries like energy from the federal and state government
Latrobe City Council is seeking to partner with the federal and state governments to support a collaborative transition for the region as a matter of priority as council continues to stand by our community.

Winners announced for Power of Words writing competition held by Latrobe City libraries
Results for Latrobe City Libraries 'Power of Words' writing competition announced.

Community is invited to launch of Big Screen at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre on 18-20 November 2022
Latrobe City Council is inviting community members to join and celebrate the launch of the Gippsland Performing Arts Centre (GPAC) Big Screen this weekend.

International Rose Garden Festival at Morwell a blooming success
The roses took centre stage at the annual celebration of Morwell's Centenary Rose Garden as part of the weekend's International Rose Garden Festival.

Latrobe City endorses Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2022-25 providing more opportunities to participate in local community
Latrobe City Council's November council meeting, council endorsed the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2022-25.

Latrobe City welcomes new community members and regional migration
Latrobe City Council is proud to have contributed to discussions surrounding regional migration last week and the innovation and entrepreneurship they often inspire.

Moe and Yallourn North outdoor pools opened from 26 November 2022
Latrobe City's outdoor pools open next weekend, Saturday 26 November for the community to enjoy ahead of the summer season.

Little Saints Early Learning Centre in Traralgon receives John Ruyg Encouragement Award to recognise its new vegetable garden
Little Saints Early Learning Centre in Traralgon has been awarded the John Ruyg Encouragement Award to recognise its recently established vegetable garden.

Table Tennis Victorian Country Championships and more to be held at Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium from 2023 to 2030
Latrobe City is set to become the home of table tennis in Victoria with two of the biggest events on the annual table tennis calendar to be hosted in Gippsland for the next eight years.

Latrobe City Council adopts 2021-22 Annual Report that covers all aspects and operations
Latrobe City Council reflected on the challenges and opportunities faced over the past financial year at its most recent meeting, adopting the Annual Report for 2021-22.

International Rose Garden Festival Morwell happening on 12 - 13 November 2022
This year the festival coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Morwell Centenary Rose Garden, which features over 4000 roses that receive over 6000 hours a year of care by dedicated volunteers.

Eighty applicants awarded from first round of 2022/23 Community Grants and Sponsorship Program
Latrobe City Council celebrated successful applicants from Round One of the 2022/23 Community Grants and Sponsorship Program at an awards ceremony at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre last night.

Latrobe City Libraries bringing you a line-up of Author Talks on 8,9 and 28 November 2022 via Zoom
Latrobe City Libraries are offering three author talks to round out the year. Celebrating music, commemorating the bravery of war and highlighting the importance of human rights, the author talks could not be more different.

Latrobe City Libraries hold Digital Literacy for Beginners workshops 7 November to 19 December 2022
Latrobe City Libraries is offering digital literacy sessions to help beginners understand their devices, get online with confidence and discover how to safely navigate social media.

Free green waste disposal available to Latrobe City residents over November 2022
Latrobe City residents looking to get their properties ready for the summer months can dispose of their green waste for free this November.

Gippsland Logistics Precinct gets funding to progress development
Latrobe City Council has welcomed funding confirmation for Stage Two of the Gippsland Logistics Precinct to support development of internal road and utility infrastructure with flood mitigation earthworks.

Latrobe City celebrates National Children's Week with Children's Expo at Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium
The Latrobe City Children's Expo returned for 2022 this week as part of National Children's Week celebrations.

Latrobe City Council waives Traralgon and Morwell CBD car parking contribution for two years
Latrobe City Council is waiving the Traralgon Central Business District (CBD) Parking Overlay fees for planning applications for eligible small businesses for the next two years.

Latrobe City Council welcomes key commitments budget from federal government
Latrobe City Council welcomes key findings in the reviewed October 2022/23 Federal Budget that support the Latrobe community.

Latrobe City advocates transport needs to Victorian Public Transport Ombudsman Simon McKenzie
Latrobe City Council hosted a visit from the Victorian Public Transport Ombudsman Simon McKenzie this week to discuss local public transport concerns and improvement opportunities.

Labor government will re-establish the State Electricity Commission (SEC) in Morwell with $1B initial investment if re-elected in November
Latrobe City Council welcomes Labor's election commitment to re-establish the State Electricity Commission (SEC) in Morwell.

Latrobe City Council encourages residents to apply for right building renovation or construction permit
Latrobe City Council is encouraging residents looking to renovate, extend or construct new buildings on their properties to make sure correct approvals are in place.

Young people encouraged to apply and join the Latrobe City Youth Council for 2023
Young people aged between 14 to18 years old with ideas and energy about how to make our city a better place are encouraged to apply for the Latrobe City Youth Council.

Latrobe City Council focuses our efforts on highlighting community needs as Victorian government election approaches
Latrobe City Council, the voice of our community, working to deliver projects in partnership with other levels of government to meet the current and long-term needs of our Regional City.

Five Latrobe City communities benefit from public and place making initiatives thanks to $300,000 funding from Latrobe Health Assembly
Five communities in Latrobe City will benefit from new public artworks and innovative place making initiatives to support community pride, wellbeing and safety, thanks to $300,000 in funding from the Latrobe Health Assembly.

Latrobe City trials footpath decal direction people to taxi stand in Traralgon CBD until 30 December 2022
Latrobe City Council is currently trialling taxi decals in the Traralgon CBD to help visitors find transport home in the evenings.

Latrobe City showcases Project GUS at 2022 International Land Defence Expo
Latrobe City Council has raised the local manufacturing profile by attending the 2022 LAND FORCES International Land Defence Exposition last week.

Author talk with Anna Spargo-Ryan via Zoom on 10 October 2022 to mark World Mental Health Day
Community members are invited to join in a Zoom author talk with Melbourne writer Anna Spargo-Ryan hosted by Latrobe Libraries on Monday 10 October from 6.30pm at the Traralgon Library.

Community Grants and Sponsorship Program for 2022/23 awarded by Latrobe City
Latrobe City Council would like to congratulate the successful applicants from Round One of the 2022/23 Community Grants and Sponsorship Program.

Latrobe City launches Positive Ageing Festival on 6 Oct 2022
Latrobe City Council was proud to welcome Commissioner for Senior Victorians Gerard Mansour to the region as he hosted an Ageing Well consultation yesterday to understand the perspectives of local seniors and elders.

Lake Narracan Caravan Park permanent closure from December 2022 due to non-compliance with Environment Protection Act
Latrobe City Council has made the difficult decision to close Lake Narracan Caravan Park from 10 December 2022, with public health and environmental concerns bringing forward future planning to relocate the park.

Latrobe City Council hosts discussion as part of planning for the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games
This week Latrobe City Council hosted a roundtable discussion as part of planning for the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Renewable energy, hydrogen and the Gippsland Material Recovery Facility prioritised to help Latrobe City Energy Transition
Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Action and Solar Homes Lily D'Ambrosio visited Morwell today to discuss the announcement of Loy Yang A closing in 2035 and opportunities to support the region through this period of change.

Latrobe City celebrates Boorai Country Ceremony as part of Latrobe First 1000 Days Program connecting community and culture
Local families had the opportunity to take part in a Welcome to Boorai Country Ceremony this week.

Latrobe Magnesium invests $39M for stage one Magnesium Production Plant in Morwell
Latrobe City Council welcomes the news that Latrobe Magnesium is investing $39 million for a Stage One Magnesium Production Plant in Morwell.

Free Seniors Festival film with cuppa and cake at Wonthaggi on 18 October 2022 by Bass Coast Shire Council and Victorian Seniors Festival
Bass Coast Shire Council, in partnership with the Victorian Seniors Festival, is hosting a free Seniors Festival film, cuppa and cake event in Wonthaggi on Tuesday, 18 October.

Morwell Centenary Rose Garden celebrates 30 years at International Rose Garden Festival Morwell on 12-13 November 2022
Morwell Centenary Rose Garden will celebrate its 30th anniversary with its central role in the International Rose Garden Festival Morwell from 12-13 November.

Latrobe City Council scores of 59 out of 100 in Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey 2022
Latrobe City Council has received its Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey results with overall performance scoring 59 out of 100, which is on-par with the state-wide average and regional centre's average.

'Positive Ageing Festival' with exciting free activities and events for Latrobe senior community on 6 October 2022
Latrobe City Council is introducing a Positive Ageing Festival this October, bringing a host of free local events and activities for members of the community aged 55 and over.

Latrobe City welcomes 40 new citizens for September 2022 as part of Australian Citizenship Day celebrations
Latrobe City welcomed 40 new citizens at local citizenship ceremonies on Wednesday 14 September and Thursday 15 September, in recognition of Australian Citizenship Day celebrations.

Seed and Feed Festival at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre Forecourt 29 September 2022 thanks to Latrobe City Libraries
Latrobe City Libraries is hosting a Seed and Feed Fest on Thursday 29 September at the Gippsland Performing Arts Centre Forecourt, Kay Street, Traralgon, as part of the Stay Local school holiday program.

Seed and Feed Festival at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre more during Spring school holidays 2022 in Latrobe City
Come and join the fun with Latrobe City's 'Stay Local School Holiday Activities', taking place in Latrobe City Leisure Park, Latrobe City Libraries, Latrobe Regional Gallery and Latrobe Performing Arts Centre from 17 September to 2 October.

Traralgon Tennis Association to host part of Australian Pro Tour in November 2022
Traralgon locals will have the chance to rub shoulders with some of the world's best tennis players when the Latrobe City Traralgon International hits town from 13-27 November 2022 at Traralgon Tennis Association.

Gender Equality Action Plan to ensure Latrobe City Council has everyone having equal opportunities and safe workplace
Latrobe City Council has developed a Gender Equality Action Plan in line with the Gender Equality Act 2020.

Latrobe City Council releases advocacy campaign for 2022 Victoria Election focusing on economic transformation and diversification
Latrobe City Council is prepared for the state election, after releasing a State Advocacy Booklet and online Advocacy Hub that highlights key priorities requiring investment or support for the local community.

Ban of single use water bottles to lessen impacts of plastic pollution made by Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium
At Monday night's council meeting, council voted in support of removing the supply of single use water bottles at all Latrobe City Council venues and events in a staged approach, by the end of 2023.

Hazelwood House to be sold to Quantum Support Services after unanimous vote in Latrobe City Council
At the 5 September council meeting, Latrobe City Council unanimously resolved to sell Hazelwood House, 59-94 Philip Parade, Churchill to Quantum Support Services.

Options on how urgent animal complaints, dog attacks and aggressive or dangerous dog are managed being explored by Latrobe City Council
Council unanimously passed a Notice of Motion to receive a report, at a future council meeting, that considers council officer's response to dog attacks in Latrobe City.

Feedback from community wanted on development of Gippsland Logistic Precinct by 16 September 2022
Expressions of Interest from businesses looking to lease or buy Lots 1 and 2 of the Gippsland Logistic Precinct (GLP).

Latrobe City partners with Collingwood Magpies played to host inaugural Australian Netball Championships in 2022
Latrobe City in partnership with the Collingwood Magpies played host to the Inaugural Australian Netball Championships, which concluded in an action-packed weekend of finals action.

Latrobe City Council calls on $48.2M commitment of previous federal government for Energy to Waste Facility at Maryvale Mill
Latrobe City Council is calling the federal government to uphold the $48.2 million commitment made to the Energy to Waste Facility at Maryvale Mill in April 2022.

Week-long Small Business Festival in Latrobe City gives a great opportunity to network with other small business owners
Latrobe City Small Business Festival drew to a close on Wednesday evening with a sold-out event headlined by founder and global CEO of Business Chicks, Emma Issacs.

Let Latrobe City know how satisfied you are with maintenance by completing survey before 19 September 2022
Latrobe City Council's presentation maintenance services survey now open.

Minister Murray Watt and Senator Raff Ciccone visit Traralgon for Flood Recovery Project and Princes Highway Bypass
Federal Minister for Emergency Management Murray Watt and Federal Senator for Victoria Raff Ciccone visited Traralgon yesterday to learn more about the effects of the 2021 flood and storm event and ongoing recovery works.

Latrobe City advocates key projects to further enhance local economy as 2022 Victorian Election looms
With the state election approaching, Latrobe City Council is advocating for several of our community's priorities to further enhance the prosperity of the region.

Latrobe City reappoints Steven Piasente as Chief Executive Officer for another five year term
Latrobe City Council has reappointed Chief Executive Officer Steven Piasente for a five-year term.

Startup Gippsland Pitch Night to conclude for Business Igniter program at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre on 10 August 2022
Startup Gippsland is pleased to announce the 2022 Business Igniter Pitch Night, which will be held on Wednesday August 10 at the Gippsland Performing Arts Centre.

Commonwealth Games 2026 will help build significant boost to Latrobe City economic growth
Minister for Commonwealth Games Legacy Shaun Leane visited Gippsland Sports and Entertainment Park yesterday in preparation for the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Melbourne Stars Women Big Bash cricket team joins Narracan and Albert Street Primary School for the 2022 Schools Tree Day in Moe
Members of the Melbourne Stars WBBL cricket team joined Narracan Primary School and Albert Street Primary School students for the 2022 Schools Tree Day in the Moe Botanic Gardens today.

Smart Enough Factory program for Latrobe City small to medium businesses gets $1.36M funding from Victorian government
The Smart Enough Factory program got underway in Latrobe City recently, supporting manufacturers to bring digital technologies into their operations to drive value and productivity.

Gippsland Rail Line upgrade that will strengthen Latrobe City funded $532.8M by federal and Victorian governments
Latrobe City Council is pleased the federal and Victorian governments are investing in local rail connections that will benefit Latrobe City residents with improvement works at Morwell and Traralgon stations underway.

Latrobe City residents ages 16 to 25 are encouraged to be part of a creative panel to develop arts via Valley Collective program
Latrobe City Council is inviting young people to be part of a creative panel to develop arts programs through the Valley Collective program.

Morwell Park Primary School gets $5.35M expansion and upgrade from Victorian government and Colman Education Foundation
Latrobe City Council is pleased to partner with the Department of Education and Training, Morwell Park Primary School and the Colman Education Foundation to implement the Our Place approach at Morwell Park.

Community ideas wanted on how to best showcase regional Victoria during 2026 Commonwealth Games
Deputy Premier and Minister for Commonwealth Games Delivery Jacinta Allan visited Morwell today to call for community ideas about how to best showcase regional Victoria as part of 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Business and community encouraged to take part and help in Latrobe City Small Business Festival from 16-19 August 2022
Business owners and community members are encouraged to be part of the festival, which will feature four separate events held across the City.

Latrobe Literary Festival 'Power of Words' writing competition open for entries until 26 August 2022
Latrobe Literary Festival launches 'Power of Words', entries are open for the competition until 26 August. A prize of $500 will be awarded to the winner.

Latrobe City Council seeks $4.25M federal funding to complete Traralgon Flood Recovery project
Council endorsed key master plans for Latrobe City's Flood Recovery Project at its meeting on Monday 4 July.

Old Methodist Church in Traralgon found to be of local historic significance to Latrobe City by heritage assessment
A heritage assessment of Traralgon's Old Methodist Church has been received by council saying that it is found to be of local historic significance to Latrobe City.

Kosciusko and Bank Street intersection in Traralgon to get vital safety upgrade as part of federal government's $300M commitment for 2022
Latrobe City Council is pleased Regional Roads Victoria will begin vital upgrades at key intersections along the Princes Highway this year.

Latrobe City congradulates Harriet Shing Eastern Victoria MP becoming Minister for Water, Minister for Regional Development and Minister for Equality
Latrobe City Council welcomes the news of Member for Eastern Victoria Harriet Shing MP announcement/appointment as Minister for Water, Minister for Regional Development and Minister for Equality.

Latrobe City celebrates a range of fun over school holidays starting 24 June to 10 July 2022
From 24 June - 10 July, a range of fun, free and low-cost school holiday activities will be held across Latrobe City Council's libraries, leisure centres, early learning centres and creative venues through the Stay Local program.

Latrobe Regional Gallery gets LED lighting upgrade of $71,724 investment through Victoria's Regional Collections Access Program
Latrobe City Council welcomes the Victorian government's $71,724 investment in LED lighting upgrades at Latrobe Regional Gallery.

Additional 2000 qualified professionals for mental health workforce secured by Andrews Labor government backflip
Kids struggling with their mental health will finally get access to extra workers, with the Liberals and Nationals securing reforms today that will unlock 2000 counsellors to work in Victorian schools.

Bidfood Morwell new cold storage food distribution facility and LV Shade Sails expansion get Victorian government support
Latrobe City Council welcomes the Victorian government's support of 47 new jobs across Morwell and Traralgon through the Regional Jobs Fund.

Come meet AFL legend Eddie Betts at Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium Catterick Crescent in Traralgon on 28 June 2022
Latrobe City Libraries are excited to announce that AFL legend and anti-racism campaigner, Eddie Betts, is coming to Latrobe City to read from his children's books, sign autographs, answer questions and kick a footy around.

Lost Dogs' Disco to light up Gippsland Performing Arts Centre from 24 June to 3 July 2022
Gippsland Performing Arts Centre will be home to the Lost Dogs' Disco, a large-scale illuminated inflatable sculpture from 24 June - 3 July.

Glengarry Mechanics Institute officially re-opens after $557,074 refurbished funded by federal and Victorian governments
Latrobe City Council in partnership with Member for Gippsland Darren Chester MP, Member for Eastern Victoria Harriet Shing MP and the Latrobe Valley Authority officially opened the refurbished Glengarry Mechanics Institute yesterday.

Community feedback wanted on proposed sale of Hazelwood House in Churchill to Quantum Support Services by Latrobe City Council
Latrobe City Council is inviting community feedback on a proposal to sell Hazelwood House in Churchill.

Latrobe City major infrastructure and hard waste service expansion gets $40M through 2022/23 capital works program
Investment in major infrastructure and an expansion of hard waste services feature in Latrobe City Council's 2022/23 Budget.

Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre leads the way at 2022 Local Government Professionals awards
The Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre (GRAC) has been recognised as a leading community facility in Victoria at the 2022 Local Government Professionals awards.

Community assurance in Latrobe City required as AGL Demerger dismissed
Latrobe City Council is calling for community certainty after AGL Energy revoked its demerger plan to split its generator and retailer arms into AGL Australia and Accel Energy.

Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation and Latrobe City Council to create opportunities for local aboriginal community
Program that will focus on creating employment opportunities for Aboriginal community members to reconnect with the Country and develop and share their skills and knowledge.

Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium starts 2022 with over twelve major events to boost tourism for Latrobe City
Latrobe City started the year in style with a baker's dozen of big events bringing in significant visitation and tourism dollars throughout the municipality.

Latrobe City to work with federal government on $10M funding for next stage of Gippsland Logistics Precinct
Latrobe City Council is ready to partner with the new Labor Federal Government following the results of the Federal election over the weekend.

Latrobe City joins celebration of National Reconciliation Week from 27 May to 3 June 2022
Be Brave and Make Change happen, Join us in the celebration this National Reconciliation Week.

Applications for Latrobe City Tourism and Major Events Advisory Committee are open until 18 May 2022
Invitation for the community to send their expression of interest with regards to the Latrobe City Tourism and Major Events Advisory Committee.

Latrobe Literary Festival at Traralgon Library with Hugh McGinlay & Esmerelda, Stephen Johnson and Vikki Petraitis from 17-28 May 2022
Bookmark the 17th through 28th of May for this year's mind-morphing Latrobe Literary Festival.

Latrobe Valley Blue Hydrogen project gets $2.98M support from federal government and Latrobe City Council
Latrobe City Council welcomes the federal government's $2.98 million commitment to the Latrobe Valley Blue Hydrogen project by Zero Degrees Rosella.

Celebrate and shop locally in Latrobe CIty as part of Main Streets of Australia Week from 16 to 22 May 2022
Latrobe City Council is celebrating Main Streets of Australia Week from 16 - 22 May, encouraging the community to support small businesses by shopping local.

Latrobe City Council calls on federal candidates to secure $3.25M to complete in Traralgon Flood Recovery Project
Latrobe City Council is calling on Federal candidates to invest in the Traralgon Flood Recovery Project across Traralgon Recreation Reserve and Glenview Park.

Latrobe Valley Barramundi Farming by Opal and Mainstream at Maryvale Mill get $30M federal funding
Latrobe City Council welcomes the federal government's $30 million announcement for Opal and Mainstream's Latrobe Valley Aquaculture project at Maryvale Mill.

Bowls Victorian Open to be held in Latrobe City on 25 March to 2 April 2023
Bowls Victoria, together with Latrobe City Council, are incredibly excited to officially announce a landmark 5-year agreement for the staging of the Victorian Open, commencing March 2023.

Traralgon Recreation Reserve gets $2.75M for new facilities development as part of Victorian government 2022/23 budget
Latrobe City Council has welcomed the Victorian government's budget contribution of $2.75 million towards developing new facilities at Traralgon Recreation Reserve (TRR), which is a key component of council's Traralgon Flood Recovery Project.

Latrobe City community and sporting groups get more than $300,000 funding from council Community Grants and Sponsorships Program
More than $300,000 will be distributed to local sporting, cultural and community groups in round two of Latrobe City Council's Community Grants and Sponsorships Program.

Latrobe City Council helps secure $117M funding for local projects from Victorian 2022/23 budget
Latrobe City Council thanks the State Government for their investment in local projects as part of the 2022/23 Budget.

Community invited to Candlelight Vigil at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre to remember the women and children lost to family violence across
The Candlelight Vigil is an opportunity to come together as a community, reflect and take a stand against family violence.

Community feedback on 2022-23 budget submissions for Latrobe City Council closes soon
Community members are encouraged to have their say on Latrobe City Council's 2022/23 Draft Budget before submissions close on Tuesday 3 May.

New Maryvale Mill Energy from Waste Facility will add local jobs from federal government's $48.2M investment through Modern Manufacturing Initiative program
Latrobe City Council welcomes the federal government's commitment of $48.2 million to the energy from waste facility at the Maryvale Mill through the Modern Manufacturing Initiative.

Latrobe Regional Gallery to hold exhibition for eight-metre wide painting reflecting iconic Hazelwood Power Station from 2 April to 10 July 2022
A new exhibition at Latrobe Regional Gallery (LRG) reflects on the role the iconic Hazelwood Power Station had in the lives of Latrobe City locals over several generations.

Talk with Clem Bastow who authored Late Bloomer on 27 April via Zoom
A warm, witty memoir about receiving a late diagnosis of autism and the fascinating journey of a Boolarra South ceramics artist will be explored in upcoming Latrobe City Libraries author talks.

Latrobe Valley Authority (LVA) gets $7.5M additional funding via Victorian Ladder - Step Up program to create more jobs
The Andrews Labor government will keep helping create more jobs in the Latrobe Valley, with another $7.5 million investment in the Latrobe Valley Authority (LVA).

Andrew Giles MP promises $10M to Stage two of Gippsland Logistics Precinct project ahead of federal election
Latrobe City Council has welcomed a $10 million election promise to progress the Gippsland Logistics Precinct from the Labor Party ahead of the Federal election.

Latrobe City Council Aged Care and Services to undergo significant changes from July 2022
Council services will undergo significant changes across Latrobe City with council set to transfer the Aged Care and Home and Community Care Program for Younger People services to new providers in July 2022.

Latrobe City Stadium in Morwell to be upgraded in preparation to host events for 2026 Commonwealth Games
With Gippsland officially announced as one of four regional hubs for the 2026 Commonwealth Games, the Andrews Labor government is getting on with plans to deliver this global sporting event.

Latrobe City in Gippsland ready to host 2026 Commonwealth Games events and get economic and tourism boost
Premier's announcing Latrobe City as host city to the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Community feedback for Traralgon Recreation Reserve and Showgrounds and Glenview Park precincts masterplans from Latrobe City Council
Council has developed masterplans to redevelop the TRR&S and create a new community and events hub at Glenview park.

Hard waste removal for Latrobe City starts Monday 4 April until 15 April 2022
Latrobe City Council's twice-yearly booked hard waste collection is set to start on Monday, 2 May.

Everyone to enjoy Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre in Traralgon regardless of ability or language with introduction of Access Key
Latrobe City Council delivers Access Key to customise accessibility to Gippsland Aquatic Centre (GRAC) in Traralgon

Great outcomes for Latrobe City and Gippsland from Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program and Building Better Regions Fund
Latrobe City Council has welcomed continued funding for key programs to support roads and local infrastructure as part of the 2022/23 Federal Budget.

Latrobe City Australia Day Awards 2022 to Dean Sutton, Bridie Byrne and Martin Dyt
Local legends, outstanding events and champion community services have been acknowledged at the 2022 Latrobe City Australia Day Awards ceremony, held on Sunday following COVID-19 related delays.

Opening of new multi-use pavilion at Apex Park in Traralgon by Chris Buckingham from Latrobe Valley Authority
It's peak season at one of Latrobe City's most utilised sporting venues following the opening of a new pavilion at Traralgon's Apex Park.

Research underway to strengthen Greater Glider possum population in Latrobe CIty with $50,000 grant from Victorian government
A research project is underway to study and strengthen the population of the Greater Glider possum, the largest gliding mammal in Australia.

Traralgon Railway Reservoir Conservation Reserve (TRRCR) transformed from barren paddock to historic gem in Latrobe City
Over the past 30 years the Traralgon Railway Reservoir Conservation Reserve (TRRCR) has been transformed from a barren grazing paddock forgotten by time into an historic gem of Latrobe City.

Traralgon South Recreation Reserve upgraded with $340,584 from the Latrobe Valley Authority and $312,202 from Latrobe City Council
After a brief construction adjournment, the courts are back in session at the Traralgon South Recreation Reserve.

Latrobe City Council encourages community to connect through culture and recognise Cultural Diversity Week
Latrobe City Council is encouraging the community to connect through culture this week to recognise Cultural Diversity Week.

Glengarry community invited to discuss updates to flood overlays and drainage on 17 March 2022
In response to community interest, Latrobe City Council will hold a community open house session this week to discuss the proposed planning scheme Amendment C131.

Celebrating a million ways to be a woman online part of International Women's Day from Latrobe City Council
As part of International Women's Day, Latrobe City Council is encouraging the community to join in celebrating the contribution of women across the municipality.

Come sing with Latrobe Valley Community Choir and our new music director Dr Kevin Cameron
We are excited to be returning to in person rehearsals on Tuesday nights, with our new Music Director Dr Kevin Cameron

Please don't hang up when the Latrobe City Council Community Satisfaction Survey calls
Latrobe City Council residents may soon receive a phone call inviting them to participate in the Victorian Government's annual Community Satisfaction Survey, undertaken by National Field Services.

Traralgon paralympian Emily Beecroft and local footy legend Beau Vernon speak at community workshops in Morwell from February to April
Traralgon Paralympian Emily Beecroft and local footy legend and motivational speaker Beau Vernon will headline a series of community workshops about sport and inclusivity from February through April.

Latrobe Visitor Information Centre to be relocated to Gippsland Performing Arts Centre from 25 February 2022
The Latrobe Visitor Information Centre will open seven days a week at the Gippsland Performing Arts Centre from Friday 25 February.

Grants and sponsorships from $2,000 to $20,000 available for events, capital works, equipment and wellbeing projects
Community organisations will have the chance to garner funding support when round two of Latrobe City Council's Community Grant and Sponsorship program opens on 31 January.

Authors Heather Morris and Lorraine Smith to present at Latrobe City libraries
Latrobe City Libraries will host two author talks in February, including a return to in-person events.

Gippsland Performing Arts Centre program ready for March 2022 opening
The stage is almost set for world-class shows and entertainment as construction of the Gippsland Performing Arts Centre (GPAC) nears completion ready for the March 2022 opening.

Moe Play Space in Apex Park gets changing places accessible toilet from Latrobe City Council with $110,000 from Victorian government
Funding received from the government for changing areas at Apex Park.

Green light for Australia Day celebrations to go ahead in Latrobe City
Celebrations of culture, community and connectedness will go ahead on Australia Day at venues across Latrobe City.

Latrobe City Council calls government to back recovery of Traralgon Showgrounds community groups from 2021 storm and flood event
Calling on the State and Federal Governments to back a plan to help community groups based at Traralgon Recreation Reserve and Showgrounds.

South East Melbourne Phoenix migrates to Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium in Traralgon for 2022 NBL season
South East Melbourne Phoenix takes a match against the Adelaide 36ers at the new-look stadium, million dollar upgraded Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium (GRISS).

Summer fun at Latrobe City libraries with Return Yourself to the Library and 'Big Summer Read' programs
Encouraging children not to just go back to the library but also to borrow and read books.

Haunted Hills mountain bike park opens from 18 December 2021
Home to a new breed of thrills following the official opening of a new mountain bike park on Saturday.

Latrobe City community invited to 'Buy a Seat' to support local theatre at Gippsland Performing Arts Centre
Program aims to support free education and public programs, helping to provide greater access to our community.

Traralgon flood recovery pop-up support for Latrobe City Council
Adjusting to life in the wake of disaster will be the subject of a free pop-up flood recovery session in Traralgon this month.

Demolishing of Latrobe City Visitor Information Centre building decision triggers community meeting
Council attended a meeting organised and led by the community to discuss the future of the Latrobe Visitor Information Centre building, the former Methodist Church.

Latrobe City Youth Council inviting new members for 2022
Latrobe City Youth Council is seeking new members for the 2022 term to build their leadership skills, make new connections and provide input into Council's decision making

Lower speeds reduce to 40 km/hr in Latrobe City CBD's to improve safety
Speed limits will be reduced to 40 kilometres per hour across the central business districts.

Recovery Committee (CRC) to be established in Traralgon to help with disasters and plan for future emergencies
Community-Led Recovery Committee will be established in Traralgon to help people bounce back from disaster situations and plan for future emergencies.

Kellie O'Callaghan elected as Mayor and Dan Clancey as Deputy Mayor for Latrobe City Council in 2021/22
New Mayor and Deputy Mayor have been elected.

Morwell Centenary Rose Garden festival back in the limelight as part of international festival
Escape the indoors and get back to nature at the stunning Morwell Centenary Rose Garden during this year's International Rose Garden Festival.

Latrobe City Business Chamber formed to bring together local valley businesses and industry groups
Latrobe City Council is supporting the creation of a single business association to strengthen the voice of the business community.

Latrobe City Council adopts a 2021/25 Council Plan and 2022/31 Financial Plan with notes on impact from Yallourn Power Station closure
Community sets course for the future.

Latrobe City Council calls to preserve Lake Narracan following the closure of Yallourn Power Station in 2028
Latrobe City Council will make a submission to the State Government calling to preserve Lake Narracan's weir and water levels following the closure of Yallourn Power Station in 2028.

Help catalogue biodiversity in Latrobe City as part of Great Southern BioBlitz 2021
The hunt is on to catalogue and celebrate Latrobe City's biodiversity as the Great Southern BioBlitz 2021 blooms across the hemisphere.

Morwell Centenary Rose Garden greatly improved by Friends of Garden with funding from Latrobe City Council and Advance Morwell
Morwell Centenary Rose Garden receiving and appreciating funding support from the council to complete the installation of permanent bricks edging around garden beds.

Walk-in COVID-19 testing site now at Moe Senior Citizens Centre
The Moe Senior Citizens Centre will operate as a walk-in COVID-19 testing site from tomorrow (7 September) as case numbers rise across Victoria.

Latrobe City Transition Taskforce starts on plan to move away from traditional power generation and a reduced timber industry
Taskforce establishment to plan for the economic diversification and investment opportunirties.

2021 Australian Netball Championships format revamped as September event at Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium postponed
The Australian Netball Championships will be played in a decentralised format this year, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to present significant challenges for sport.

Latrobe Regional Gallery August 2021
50 Years: 50 Artists is a major exhibition to commemorate 50 years of Latrobe Regional Gallery from 4 September to 7 November

Latrobe City Council announces community representatives for safety committee
Council announcing the representative of the new community safety committee.

Latrobe City Council re-opens Cumberland Park kindergarten after negative results for COVID-19
Identified close contact resulted negative from COVID-19.

Latrobe Regional Gallery in Morwell plans large exhibition to celebrate 50th birthday
Exhibition to be held in celebrating Latrobe Regional Gallery's 50th birthday.

Labertouche Community Hall gets lovingly restored through the Latrobe Valley Authority,s Community and Facility Fund
Labertouche Community Hall has been lovingly restored with a new roof, ceiling and floor, thanks to support from the Andrews Labor Government.

Robert Burns of Churchill promotes Latrobe City for 20 years as volunteer at local visitor information centre
Latrobe City Council has commemorated the contribution of a volunteer who has given 20 years of service.

Latrobe City Youth Council encourages healthy eating with 'Fab food marvellous mood' campaign'
Food campaign to help educate the young people about healthy diet that lead to happier and healthier mental and physical wellness.

Latrobe Regional Airport looking to take-off under plan that sets out a long-term framework for development
Council seeking expansion development opportunities for Latrobe Regional Airport that will help them support and grow the aviation operations.

Latrobe City Council submits to inquiry into impacts of Hazelwood and Yallourn power stations closures
Latrobe City Council will advocate for greater Government support for the municipality to help the region transition with less power stations.

Latrobe City preschool children support people living with Motor Neurone disease
Fund raising activity to support and raise awareness for the debilitating diseases, Frontotemporal Dementia and Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Latrobe City to continue to operate the Moe and Yallourn North outdoor pools
Latrobe City Council will continue to operate the Moe and Yallourn North Outdoor Pools following a review of the 2020/21 season.

Latrobe City Transition Taskforce to be established to help minimise the effects of the closure of power stations
Latrobe City Council is acting now to minimise the significant effects of the closure of power stations upon the municipality in the future.

Women's Big Bash League cricket to debut at Moe including Australian women's captain Meg Lanning
The first WBBL game to be played at Moe and comes after the reserve successfully hosted men's Big Bash League matches in January and December 2019.

Record number of teams to enter Australian Netball Championships held in September at Traralgon
Teams from across the country joining Australian Netball League to compete on the upcoming netball competition.

Latrobe City reminding businesses they can still access help from being affected by COVID-19 pandemic
Programs that could help local business owners in improving their businesses.

Latrobe City calls for input into storm and review of flood response to learn lessons for next time
Storm and flood clean-up program funded by the government to provide service to property owners affected by storm and flooding without any cost.

Latrobe City Council calls for Victorian government to support for timber industry
Release of code of practice for timber industry that has been on a long delayed by the state government.

Latrobe Regional Gallery July 2021
Update on the Latrobe Regional Performing Arts series or activities.

Latrobe Regional Performing Arts July 2021
Series of new events and performance at Latrobe Performing Arts Centre for the month of July.

Stallholders sought for Children's Expo for Latrobe City
An event inviting the stallholders to come and join the expo for the kids, with many services and activities for them to enjoy

Writing competition calls for fiction about Latrobe City
Writing competition that would that tells about the past, present and the people of the city.

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