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Baw Baw Council meeting snapshot - Wednesday 13 September 2023

Baw Baw Shire Council Adopts Updated Election Period Policy with Enhanced Clarity and Governance Measures for upcoming October 2024 Election, following community input and feedback.

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To keep our community up to date with key council decisions, outcomes and plans; here is a snapshot summary from council's Wednesday 13 September Council Meeting.

The Election Period Policy was adopted on September 13 and is accessible in council's Governance Rules

The Election Period Policy was adopted on September 13 and is accessible in council's Governance Rules

Planning and development

PLA0320/22 -47 Shirley Road, Neerim South

Council issued a notice of decision to grant a permit for planning application PLA0320/22.

Community Infrastructure

Petition pesponse: Trafalgar parking study

Council endorsed ongoing consultation with the Trafalgar community regarding the recommendations and long term implementation of the Trafalgar Parking Study.

Council moved to receive a report back if changes to the Trafalgar Parking Study recommendations are required following the consultation and will advise the lead petitioner of council's decision.

Petition response: Stop Waterford rise traffic

Council moved to:

  • Note the Precinct Structure Plan nominated both Crole Drive and Longview Road as Collector Roads
  • Note the Road Safety Audit recommendations
  • Refer the design investigation for Local Area Traffic Management on Crole Drive and Longview Road, to council's annual Future Forward Design Program for 2024/25
  • Note council's existing application to the Department of Transport and Planning for 50 km/hr speed limit signage on Longview Road
  • Advise the lead petitioner of council's decision

CON-2023010: Council depot waste tender recommendation report - RFT-2023010

Council awarded tender RFT-2023010 Depot Operations Waste Management Services (CON-2023010) to Solo Resource and Recovery for an initial term of 2 years and 9 months commencing 1 October 2023 to 31 July 2026.

Council delegated authority to the CEO to execute the contract and to extend the contract period of two extension options of plus 2 years and plus 1 year.
Development, grants and advocacy

Response to notice of motion: Dates and occasions of significance

Council noted the report received in response to the Notice of Motion raise of 12 July 2023 by Councillor Farhat Firdous on dates and occasions of significance. Council moved to;

  • Develop a Policy for dates and occasions of significance supported by council in Baw Baw Shire
  • Undertake community consultation to receive feedback on the Policy and dates and occasions of significance for consideration

Governance and services

Draft election period policy - Post consultation

Council adopted the Election Period Policy and acknowledged and noted the feedback received throughout the consultation period.

General business

Councillor Goss tabled a General Business Motion, requesting that a report be brought back to council no later than 8 November 2023 detailing the effects to Baw Baw Shire and its residents from the loss of all grant revenue from the Growing Suburbs Fund. Such a report will include:

  • Immediate and ongoing effects on council's Long-Term Infrastructure Plan
  • What current projects within the Long-Term Infrastructure Plan will be delayed, and an estimate on that delay

The Motion was ultimately lost.

Mayoral minute

Mayor McCabe used the Mayoral Minute to respond to a recent query from a community member, "Is council divided?". Mayor McCabe's response was "No - all councillors are focused on providing a healthy, thriving and sustainable Shire.

"Whilst it can be easy for councillors to get caught up in politics, the council plan assists us with our decision making. It can be a challenge, but we need to advocate harder for our community. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with each other - we are a diverse group of councillors, which is a reflection of our diverse community," said Ms McCabe.

Baw Baw Shire Council meetings are open to the public and are held at the West Gippsland Arts Centre, beginning at 5:30pm. All council meetings will be live-streamed, and archived recordings will be available on the council website for viewing. The agenda for the next meeting will be available online the Friday prior to the meeting.

Pictures from Baw Baw Shire Council website.


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