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Minimal bill increases for Gippsland Water customers after acceptance of price submission to Essential Services Commission

Gippsland Water customers will have minimal bill increases due to an accepted price submission that prioritises customer needs, affordability, and fairness.

By news@gippsland - 26th June 2023 - Back to News

Gippsland Water customers will see one of the lowest water bill increases across the state over the next five years. It follows the acceptance of its 2023-28 price submission by the Essential Services Commission's (ESC). The submission, which outlines the water corporation's investments, service standards and charges will take effect from 1 July.

The updated Price Submission 2023-28 focuses on customer priorities, includes key initiatives, and aims for affordability and fairness

The updated Price Submission 2023-28 focuses on customer priorities, includes key initiatives, and aims for affordability and fairness

Shaping the price submission

Managing director Sarah Cumming said Gippsland Water's customers had shaped the submission during an intensive two-year engagement process. "The community engagement we undertook to develop this submission was noted as being industry leading when first assessed and fast tracked for approval by the ESC in March."

"Customers can take comfort in the fact that our focus over the next five years will reflect their priorities, issues and concerns while at the same time saving them money," Ms Cumming said.

Submission initiatives

Key initiatives

$268 million for capital investments to meet higher demand and higher service levels
$10.5 million for energy projects to increase system resilience, boost renewable energy generation and reduce long-term energy costs
$100,000 per year in programs that support the wellbeing of our community support, including more public drinking fountains
An app to provide greater flexibility in managing bill payments and the ability to monitor water usage
Faster response to sewer blockages
Annual education and awareness campaigns that focus on water conservation, sustainability, wellbeing and customer support
More customer care resources, employing and upskilling more staff to reach out early and provide tailored support for those doing it tough
Increased investment in Aboriginal employment and cultural recognition initiatives
SMS notifications for unplanned service interruptions and a live outage tracker

Fee optimization achieved

Ms Cumming said the dominant theme of the submission was affordability and fairness and providing bill reductions (before inflation) for customers. "We ran the ruler over all of our fees and charges to make sure they're attributed to those who use them, at the lowest possible cost."

"Despite costs beyond our control such as interest rates, electricity and chemicals increasing, we will still deliver an average bill that is 3.3% lower than the inflation rate. Keeping bills below the inflation rate has helped to protect our residential customers from a further $53.49 increase on their bills," Ms Cumming said.

Price submission

Ms Cumming added, "For our tenants and small businesses the savings are $14.38 and $74.38 respectively. This represents one of the lowest bill increases in the state compared to other water corporations for this determination.

"These reductions along with our other investments will ensure Gippsland Water customers receive improved value and know that we are working to provide them with a good and affordable service," she said.

Gippsland Water's price submission is part of a formal review process of pricing undertaken every five years by the Essential Services Commission (ESC). For more information and to view Gippsland Water's 2023-28 price submission, visit Price Submission 2023-28 page.

Pictures from Gippsland Water website.


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