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The Gippsland Portal expands to include new thrilling websites

By Emma Kae - 3rd September 2002 - Back to News

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The Gippsland Portal, as many of you would know, is the official website for the Gippsland region. But Gippsland is a big place, with literally hundreds of townships, albums of photo-worthy tourist attractions and rolling greens as far as the eye can see. There are lots of great businesses to work for, reputable schools to send your children to... In fact, Gippsland is one of the world's best regions to live in.

Surely one humble website cannot possibly hold all that Gippsland can have to offer. The solution, according to Portal Development Team Leader Antony Svasek, is "to build doorways into individual sections or features of Gippsland through a series of inter-connected websites. Each site will be specific to the area or theme that it represents, offering specific information and resources about and for the province it serves." This means that there will be several websites, each focusing on one theme.

An exciting new factor in the development of the new "Portlets" is the creative involvement of many community-based organisations, such as the Gippsland Academy of Sports (GAS). Andrew Pomeroy, GAS co-ordinator is excited about development of the Sports Portal (under development), on which GAS will feature.

"The Sports Portal will give GAS a method of interacting and communicating with the key stakeholders:

  • administration
  • coaches
  • athletes
  • sponsors, and
  • the public.

"It is an exciting development, as it will create a user-friendly, time effective way to offer and obtain information. Hopefully, the website will raise public awareness of who we are and what we are achieving," he said.

Currently, the Portal team is working on a three-level structure concept for the website:

Level Example Features

  • Business Directory
  • General News, Jobs, Classifieds, and Events
  • Discussion Forums, Issues and Vote
  • Tourism and Accommodation Information
  • Fuel Watch
  • Weather
(under development)

  • Information on Theme (eg. Gippsland Sport)
  • Information on Related Organisations
  • Sporting News and Events
(under development)
  • Region Specific News, Jobs and Events
(under development)
  • Town Information
  • Town History
  • Town Specific News and Events
  • Tourism Information

The extended structure will display more detailed information, relevant to each theme. For example, the Entertainment Portlet may include information such as reviews of local shows, guides for neighbouring venues and a calendar of coming events. This website would not include unrelated resources, such as maps of Gippsland or political news as found in the Gippsland Portal.

While all of Portlets will have separate identities, each will still be connected to the Gippsland Portal. The re-structuring of the website allows visitors to decide on the type of information to view – general or specialized.

The Portal Team hopes that the developments will make the Gippsland website an even stronger factor in opening the global door for Gippsland.

We have a lot of thanking to do - especially to the East Gippsland and Moe communities who worked with us to develop the first Portlets under the Industry Cluster project.

If you would like your town or activity to establish a Portlet, let us know! Complete the form below.


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