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Monday Night's Council Meeting Round-Up: 6 May

May 6 Council Meeting Round-Up

By Portal Admin - 25th May 2019 - Back to News

Below is a snapshot of some of the decisions made by Council at its Ordinary Meeting on Monday 6 May 2019.

Item 9.1 | Time of decision: 1:17:30 – 1:29:30

Council has decided to write to the Premier and Minister for Regional Development, Jacklyn Symes expressing disappointment around a number of issues related to the current Timber Release Plan and the recent 550 hectare crown plantation announcement.

City Development

Consideration of the Planning Panel Recommendations for Amendment C105 to the Latrobe Planning Scheme (Live Work Latrobe)

Item 14.1 | Time of decision: 2:12:00 – 2:26:00

Endorse the adoption of Amendment C105 with some changes and submits Amendment C105 to the Minister for Planning for approval, in accordance with Section 31 of the Planning and Environment Act 2987.

Latrobe Planning Scheme Amendment C92 – Consideration of Submissions (Latrobe Regional Airport)

Item 14.2 | Time of decision: 2:26:00 – 2:28:59

Council having considered all written submissions received for the proposed Planning Amendment C92, decided to expediently undertake an economic analysis, including impacts on flight counts, fight paths and planning related to Latrobe Regional Airport Master Plan 2015 and proposed Amendment C92. Extension of time of Amendment C92 will be sought to allow this work to be completed.

Gippslad Logistics Precinct (GLP) and Corrections Amendment – Authorisation of Planning Scheme Amendment C101

Item 14.3 | Time of decision: 2:29:00 – 2:30:00

That Council has requested authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare and exhibit Planning Scheme Amendment C101.

Use of Land for Animal Keeping (12 dogs) (in retrospect) and Development of Kennels Associated with Animal Keeping at 1/6 Tambo Road, Moe South

Item 14.4 | Time of decision: 2:30:00 – 2:33:00

Council adopted a Motion to refuse a permit for the use of land for animal keeping (12 dogs) (in retrospect) and development of kennels associated with animal keeping the rural Living Zone Schedule 5 and Design and Development Overlay Schedule 1 at 1/6 Tambo Road, Moe South (Lot 22 PS347838).

Display of an Electronic Promotion Sign at 1 Church Street, Traralgon

Item 14.5 | Time of decision: 2:34:00 – 2:38:00

Council granted a permit, for the display of an electronic promotion sign at 1 Churchill Street, Traralgon.

Use and Development of Land with a Single Dwelling and Ancillary Outbuilding within the Farming Zone at 174 Waterloo Road Moe.

Item 14.6 | Time of decision: 2:39:00 – 3:08:00

Council granted a Planning Permit, for the use and development of land with a single dwelling and ancillary outbuilding in the Farming Zone at 174 Waterloo Road, Moe (Lot 1 TP235782) with amendments.

Infrastructure and Recreation

Latrobe City Sports and Entertainment Stadium Master Plan

Item 15.1 | Time of decision: 3:08:00 – 3:13:30

Council endorsed the Latrobe City Sports and Entertainment Stadium Master Plan and approved the re-allocation of $300,000 to support an application to for a State Government funding application to upgrade the lightening for Fields 2, 3 and 5 at Latrobe City Sports & Entertainment Stadium. A request for $40,000 was referred to the 2018/2019 unallocated Cash Reserve process.

Draft Recreation Reserves and Facilities Signage Policy

Item 15.2 | Time of decision: 3:14:00 – 3:14:30

Council endorsed the draft ‘Recreation Reserves and Facilities Policy’ for public exhibition as part of a Planning Scheme Amendment C101 process. This included a request for Minister for Planning to prepare and exhibit the draft ‘Recreation Reserves and Facilities Policy’ and associated amendments to the Latrobe Planning Scheme.

Catterick Crescent Reserve, Traralgon - Proposed Removal of Vegetation.

Item 15.3 | Time of decision: 3:14:30 – 3:15:59

Council endorsed the removal of 4 planted exotic trees at Catterick Crescent Reserve, Traralgon to make way for the Traralgon Sports Stadium Redevelopment project.

Corporate Services

Annual Review of the Procurement Policy

Item 17.1 | Time of decision: 3:16:00 – 3:21:00

Council adopted the Procurement Policy with an effective date of 6 May 2019. Any previous versions of this policy are now rescinded.

Proposed Bushfire Memorial at the Callignee Hall

Item 17.2 | Time of decision: 3:21:00 – 3:23:30

Council endorsed installation of the sculpture, " Scrap to Sculpture – Letting Go", at Callignee Hall to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfire. Subject to the Art Gallery Advisory Committee endorse the proposal.

Finance Report – March 2019

Item 17.3 | Time of decision: 3:23:40 – 3:25:30

Council received and noted the Finance Report for the nine months ended 31 March 2019 in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1989.

Tabling of Assembly of Councillors Records

Item 17.4 | Time of decision: 3:26:00 – 3:27:00

Council received and noted the Assembly of Councillors records tabled for the period 11 February 2019 to 09 April 2019.


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