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National Weedbuster Week In Bass Coast

The Bass Coast Environmental Alliance is encouraging residents to become “Weedbusters” during National Weedbuster Week from 8 to 14 October...

By Bass Coast Shire Council - 3rd October 2001 - Back to News

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The Bass Coast Environmental Alliance is encouraging residents to become "Weedbusters" during National Weedbuster Week from 8 to 14 October. The Alliance has organised a range of activities to encourage people across the Shire to combat weeds in their garden to prevent them from spreading to public land.

"From the Garden to the Reserve" is the title of an information evening that will be held on Thursday 11 October from 7.30pm at the Heritage Centre, Thompson Avenue, Cowes. The information evening is an opportunity for members of the community to find out all about weeds, and what they can do to help protect public reserves from weed invasion. Representatives from Bass Coast Shire Council, Phillip Island Landcare and Phillip Island Nature Park will be present to discuss local programs and answer questions.

A display of weeds of concern in the Shire will be held in Bass, Wonthaggi and Cowes during Weedbuster week. People are encouraged to bring along unknown weeds for identification and control advice. Displays will be held at outside the Bass Community Centre on Monday 8 October from noon to 3pm, outside Safeway in Wonthaggi on Friday 12 October from 10am – 3pm and outside Council’s Cowes Customer Service Centre on Saturday 13 October from 10am.

The Alliance is also offering free indigenous plants for people who remove problem weeds from their property. The "Weeds Out, Indigenous Plants In" incentive rewards people who remove weeds from their property with a voucher for indigenous plants from local nurseries.

Derek Hibbert, Environmental/Coastal Officer with Bass Coast Shire Council, explained that exotic and non-indigenous native plants can out-compete local plant species, creating problems when they invade public reserves.

"Weeds negatively impact on the natural characteristics that Bass Coast is famous for and its up to all of us to control the weeds in our gardens so they don’t escape onto public land," he said.

"The theme of this year’s Weed Buster Week is "from the garden to the reserve", so the Alliance is providing information to residents about how they can reduce weed problems in our local reserves," said Derek.

The Alliance includes Landcare, Bass Coast Shire Council, Phillip Island Nature Park, Parks Victoria and Coast Action/Coastcare. Some of the simple actions the Alliance is suggesting to local residents to halt the spread of weeds include:

1. Learning about the garden plants and how they can spread to other areas.

2. Covering trailers load when taking waste to the tip.

3. Replacing those garden plants that have the potential to spread and being careful about what plants are selected if residents live near waterways, bushland or farms.

4. Disposing of garden waste responsibly at the local tip green areas, not over the back fence or into local bushland.

5. Educating fellow gardeners and friends about some of the garden plants that can spread easily and informing them of the positive things that you are doing to help.

6. Watching for and reporting garden plants invading local bushland, roadsides and agricultural areas

7. Taking part in national Weedbuster Week from 8 to 14 October 2001 and learning about what you can do by attending one of the public street displays, the information evening or participating in the "Weeds Out, Indigenous Plants In" program.

National Weedbuster Week In Bass Coast.jpg

Geoff Trease, Landcare Officer, and Derek Hibbert, Environmental/Coastal Officer, battle a Cotoneaster, one of the weeds that people are encouraged to remove during "Weedbuster Week".


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