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Napster wins the support of

Why has Napster been such a show stopping revolution? Read on...

By Emma Kae - 30th January 2001 - Back to News

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50 million people can't be wrong.

Join the largest, most diverse online community of music lovers in history by downloading and installing Napster. It's fun, easy and available for both Windows and the Mac.

The program was developed by a 19-year-old American, Shawn Fanning. The free, downloadable application allows the user to create, access and swap songs for free online is promoting the use of Napster, which we see as a great use of today’s amazing new Internet technology.

The birth of the program has already sparked a revolution in the methods of media distribution and in turn, sent the $40 billion recording industry into a tailspin.

You may remember huge outbursts as several companies are attempted to come together to shut Napster down, last year. The application, they feel, creates changes in media so great that they are a threat to their income.

However, many artists are behind Napster all the way, from Madonna to Moby, U2 to the Foo Fighters.

As Thom Yorke of Radiohead recently said, "Napster encourages enthusiasm for music in a way that the music industry has long forgotten to do."

Fellow band member Colin Greenwood agrees, “digital music is just one of many things that contribute to an artist getting their message across.”

Ben from Ben Folds Five also holds the Napster banner high. "Music is for everybody. When people get excited about it, whether from hearing it on the radio or borrowing a record from a friend, or accessing it through Napster, they buy records and come out to shows."

From a typical user point of view, Napster is definitely something to get excited about.

“It’s amazing,” a friend of mine said recently. “You can download anything from mainstream music like Britney Spears to rare live expression sessions of underground German punk bands. I think I am getting addicted.”

I personally love being able to make a jukebox of all of my favourite tracks, though it was embarrassing when I was caught singing into a hairbrush…

So what are you waiting for? The ever growing library of Napster is waiting for you! Link to it anytime from or sign up by clicking here.


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