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Call to help eradicate Elm Leaf Beetle

Control spraying program to protect Elm Trees against the Elm Leaf Beetle.

By Latrobe City Council - 24th January 2001 - Back to News

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Latrobe City Council will recommence its control spraying program this weekend to protect the City’s Elm Trees against the Elm Leaf Beetle, and is urging Latrobe Citizens to spray Elms on private property to enhance the eradication.

Latrobe City Mayor, Councillor Tony Hanning said the Elm Leaf Beetle had the potential to devastate Victoria’s population of Elms every year and in many parts of the State, particularly the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, irretrievable damage had been caused.

“Whilst the Council will undertake its annual mission to help protect the region’s elm trees in parks and streets, we are encouraging everyone to follow the call to arms and take measures to protect their own trees. The need for all to take responsibility is imperative for the ongoing health of trees throughout the region,” Cr Hanning said.

Latrobe City's Arborist in charge, Chris Dash, said the Elm Leaf Beetle was a native of Europe which was first found in Australia on the Mornington Peninsula in 1989.

“Since then it has threatened to devastate Victoria’s entire population of elms including the golden and English elms, which in Melbourne attract tourists from all over the world,” Mr Dash said.

“This is a crucial time for taking preventative action against the Elm Leaf Beetle, a time when the larvae of the beetle travel down the trunk to pupate in the soil to complete their life cycle. This is when control measures are applied, breaking the life-cycle, thus assisting in reducing the numbers of beetles and consequently the damage caused to the elms,” Mr Dash explained.

“To treat your own trees, mix a 2% of carbaryl with water and spray around the trunk in a one-metre band up from the ground, going around the trunk several times to ensure a good covering,” Mr Dash said.

“Be sure not to miss any low branches under the area you have already treated where you feel beetle larvae could congregate,” he added.

“Carbaryl is a contact insecticide available from most nurseries and hardware stores, and is considered by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment as the appropriate and safest measure to control this type of larvae infestation,” Mr Dash concluded.

Cr Hanning added that Latrobe City currently maintained over 70,000 trees, of which 3,000 are various elm species.

“We are very proud of our trees and the way the trees have been maintained for the benefit of future generations,” Cr Hanning concluded.

If not sure how to treat your own elm trees for elm leaf beetle infestation, contact the Latrobe City Council’s Morwell Depot, telephone 5133 9952 or 5134 3681.

Media Enquiries:

Cr. Tony Hanning, Mayor, Latrobe City
tel. 0417 373 577

Cr. Brendan Jenkins, Deputy Mayor, Latrobe City
tel. 0417 374 590

Ms. Penny Holloway, Chief Executive Officer,
tel. 5173 1401 or 0417 557 103

Jeremy Bein, Public Relations and Communications Officer,
tel. 5173 1468


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