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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Big Fat Greek Wedding - in cinemas now!
Big Fat Greek Wedding - in cinemas now!

A greek, an American and a whole lot of trouble

By Matthew Pearce - 18th November 2002 - Back to News

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If a good laugh and satisfaction after your walking out of the local cinemas is what your after, ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ is worth a look.

Written by and starring in this feel-good-comedy is Nia Vardalos, a 30 year-old stereo-typical Greek girl born and raised in America by very ethnic, Greek parents.

Her father Gus (played by Michael Constantine) is the characteristic over-bearing Greek father figure who claims to know that the history of every word in the English background is somehow linked to the origins of the Greek language. He does share an odd love with his very own unblemished lawn, ethnic statues and water fountains which holds a few laughs in itself.

Her mother, played by Lainie Kazan is virtually flawless as the definitive Greek Mother, responsible for some key funny moments in the film.

It all begins with unfulfilled 30 year-old Toula Portokalos working in her parent’s very own Greek Dancing Zorba restaurant her family owns. One day while working, she happens to come across the love she has been waiting for, a New Yorker named Ian (John Corbett, better known as Chris in "Northern Exposure" and Aiden on "Sex and the City").

This is a good thing for Toula not only for herself but to get her parents off her back, especially her father who is always complaining, "you better get married soon, you’re starting to look old". There is just one setback. Ian is 100% American and 0% Greek.

At first, Gus isn’t all too impressed with the idea of his daughter marrying a non-Greek guy. Just then, Toula’s mother makes an appearance coming out with the unforgettable line, "the man may be the head of the household," Mum muses, "but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants", and manages to get things her way.

The performances in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding' are all good on the whole and the movie doesn’t just begin to die-off three quarters of the way in, but keeps up with the laughs all the way through.

Joel Zwick, who has only mainly been involved with television work only, has finely directed the film.

This is a very funny film, which will leave you feeling good afterwards. It’s fun with the novelties of family-life but also treats the subject with fondness and respect.

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