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Latrobe City Small Small Business Festival 2023 commences on 4 September 2023

Latrobe City Small Business Festival offers free and low-cost events, including 3 keynote talks by global leaders Amanda Stevens, Simon Kustenmacher, and Katrina McCarter. The festival focuses on Transition & Transform with expert workshops.

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The Latrobe City Small Business Festival is coming up in September. Please see below the list of free and low cost events and workshops featured throughout the festival. Small Business Festival - Transition & Transform commences on the 4th of September with many opportunities to hear from world renowned leaders. With 3 Exciting Keynote Presentations from:

  • Amanda Stevens - The consumer futurist
  • Simon Kustenmacher - Co-Founder
  • Director of Research at The Demographics Group
  • Katrina McCarter - Award Winning Marketer

Across the two week celebration there will be further opportunities to attend workshops hosted by Industry Experts. Book now limited spots available, visit Small Business Festival 2023 page.

Mark your calendars for the September with Latrobe City Small Business Festival and explore a variety of free and affordable workshops and events highlighted during the festival

Mark your calendars for the September with Latrobe City Small Business Festival and explore a variety of free and affordable workshops and events highlighted during the festival

Small Business Festival events

5 September: The Importance of first impressions - Visual merchandising workshop

Learn the latest local and global examples of best practice retail design and visual merchandising techniques. This two-hour session will cover brand identity, shopfront presentation, signage, window displays, instore merchandising and creating captivating shopping experiences.

6 September: An evening with Amanda Stevens

Amanda Stevens has dedicated two decades to understanding why people buy and how organisations can grow through changing times by better understanding their customers and how to build customer advocacy.

She combines current consumer insights with fascinating research into buying behaviour, delivering organisations and business owners powerful strategies for connecting with their customers. Amanda has a double degree in consumer psychology and marketing. She has consulted to some of the country's biggest brands, including LendLease, Microsoft, Procter and Gamble, and even the Australian Liberal Party.

Join Amanda at the Morwell Innovation Centre for an amazing night featuring live music, networking opportunities and an extraordinary keynote presentation.

07 Sept: Customer experience workshop - Ange O'Connell

Creating raving fans and loyalty for your business is the goal in customer service. This requires a continual and focused effort on the consumer experience. As professionals and business owners, you and your teams interact with prospects, customers, clients, advocates every day - and every interaction leaves an impression.

This workshop is focused on building greater engagement at every stage of the customer journey. Ensuring you - and your staff- are making the most of every interaction, of every opportunity to go above and beyond to deliver effortless and exceptional experiences.

Let's celebrate what is working and shine a 'reflective' light on what can be developed. Let's empower your teams to be more impactful communicators. Let's take your customer service offering to the next level.

11 September: Marketing with no money - Katrina McCarter

Think that your business needs to spend big on marketing to have a big impact? Think again. With a long, proven track record in marketing on a shoestring budget - less than $300 a month while setting up her first business - award-winning marketer and corporate digital trainer Katrina does a deep dive into her five top no cost strategies for 2023:

  • Partnerships
  • Brand story
  • Video marketing
  • Testimonials
  • Customer experience

She'll share her secrets for growing gangbuster brands and businesses that rely on creativity and innovation rather than a mega marketing spend

11 Sept: The Secret Language of Consumers - Triggers behind buying behaviour

Expertly decoding what all six generations of consumers will respond to in the next decade, Katrina spells out the urgency of a survival plan to future proof your business to stay relevant. She steps you through truly understanding consumers and their behaviour, characteristics and triggers - how to reach the right people on the right channel at the right time using the right language.

Katrina uses research-based insights and decades of Fortune 100 sales and marketing experience to give you a blueprint for attracting, engaging and building relationships with consumers at every age and stage of life.

12 Sept: Introduction to podcasting

This workshop offers an introduction to podcasting, covering planning, recording techniques, editing tips, and sharing podcasts with the world. The workshop is designed for individuals interested in starting their own podcasts. Participants will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to kickstart their podcasting journey.

13 Sept: Simon Kuestenmacher keynote

Simon is Co-Founder and Director of Research at The Demographics Group and is frequently sought out by SkyNews, The Project, newspapers and radio stations across Australia to comment on demographic trends.

Based in Melbourne, Australia. Simon holds degrees in geography from leading universities in Berlin and Melbourne and worked for several years as a business consultant with KPMG Australia. In his spare time Simon runs what is by now the world's largest Twitter account dedicated to maps and data. He has amassed 300,000 global followers, reaches over 25 million people every month and ranks as one of the world's Top 10 influencers in data visualisation.

Join us for an engaging keynote presentation by Simon Kuestenmacher, a renowned speaker and demographic researcher. Simon will share his expertise on marketing strategies targeting different generations. The event will provide networking opportunities, live music, and refreshments.

14 Sept: Attract, recruit, and retain - Employees workshop

Move beyond the "employer of choice" narrative to learn about your business ethos and unpack what it means to clearly articulate who you are in order to attract, recruit and retain local talent for your business.

14 Sept: Collaborating with universities hosted by Federation University

Partnering with universities can give your startup or small business access to expertise and funding opportunities that wouldn't be available to most small businesses. You will hear from business owners, and university staff about opportunities to collaborate with academics, provide students workplace opportunities.

Following this short presentation, enjoy a light super while you mingle with local entrepreneurs, small business owners, startup experts, as well as researchers and students who may be interested in collaborating.

Being a startup founder or small business owner can be challenging . There are a lot of ups and downs and often it can be a lonely journey. Startup Gippsland and Federation University, supported by Latrobe City Council are partnering to help bring together opportunities to develop academic partnerships in Latrobe City and Gippsland more broadly.

15 Sept: Sustainable development goals in Gippsland

Join us for a breakfast event focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and how they can benefit your business. Aligning your business strategy with the SDG's can demonstrate your commitment to social and environmental responsibility, which could enhance your reputation and provide your business with a competitive edge in the market.

In this session you'll learn more about the 'Sustainable Gippsland' program launched in July 2023. The program is being delivered by Apricot Consulting in partnership with Federation University, with the aim of supporting enterprises to embed the SDG's into their operational model - for the greater good of Gippsland.

Current participants will share progress of their journey thus far in the program, and we'll consider the collective progress of Gippsland in striving towards realising these global goals. Find out how your business or organisation can also join the program.

Pictures from Latrobe City Council Facebook page.


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