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Latrobe City embraces innovation with its vision for diversified economy and sustainable future in transition plan

Latrobe City aspires to be a smart, sustainable, and innovative hub by leveraging strengths, embracing new technologies, and diversifying industries for economic growth and job opportunities through partnerships and investments.

By news@gippsland - 12th July 2023 - Back to News

Latrobe City's Our Transition Plan outlines council's strategic focus to achieve economic diversification. In line with our Community Vision - In 2031 Latrobe City will be known for being smart, creative, healthy, sustainable and connected, and at the forefront of innovation. Council recognises the need to adapt and embrace new opportunities and innovative technologies in an ever-evolving global economy.

Latrobe City's Our Transition Plan outlines council's strategic focus to achieve economic diversification

Latrobe City's Our Transition Plan outlines council's strategic focus to achieve economic diversification

Driving economic diversification

By leveraging our unique strengths, we will actively encourage the expansion and diversification of industries within our region, ensuring long-term economic sustainability. Our region is abundant with natural resources, is strategically located with excellent transportation infrastructure, and has a skilled and capable workforce. These inherent advantages position Latrobe City as an attractive destination for a wide range of industries and businesses.

By capitalising on these strengths, we can create an environment that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable economic development. As a regional City undergoing transition, council is focused on seizing the immense potential that lies within our region by supporting industry and business diversification. By leveraging our region's competitive advantages, we can attract new investments, nurture emerging industries, and create a vibrant and diverse economic ecosystem.

Recognising the global shift towards sustainable and technology-driven sectors, Latrobe City is committed to embracing forward-thinking initiatives that leverage our strengths and drive economic growth. With a vision for a resilient and prosperous future, we continue to actively explore the potential of new industries including advanced air manufacturing and renewable energy to diversify our economy.

Transforming sustainable sectors

Advanced air manufacturing represents a revolutionary sector that combines aerospace technology, advanced materials and manufacturing processes. Council recognises the immense opportunities this industry presents and seeks to position our region as a key player in this evolving field. By attracting investment, fostering research and development, and supporting local businesses, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem that drives innovation and generates high-value job opportunities.

Council is dedicated to advancing renewable energy projects that harness the power of sustainable technologies. Recognising the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy, we continue to actively explore opportunities for investment in solar, batteries and other clean energy sources.

By embracing renewable energy projects, we can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, create a more sustainable energy mix, and attract businesses that will continue our region's long and proud history in power generation.

Innovation for growth

The diversification of our economy through innovative technologies is a key priority for the council. By focusing on innovation and growth opportunities in fields such as advanced air manufacturing and renewable energy projects, council aims to drive economic growth, create employment opportunities, and position Latrobe City as a leading hub for technology and sustainability.

Council is committed to forging strategic partnerships and attracting investments that drive innovation and diversification. We cannot do this alone. Our community is reacting to dramatic change beyond our control, we need the support of all levels of Government to aid in identifying opportunities and growth to support the equitable transition of our local economy and community.

By embracing industry and business diversification, we can unlock the full potential of our region and build a sustainable future. Together, let us leverage our competitive advantages, attract new investments, and foster a vibrant economic landscape that benefits all residents of Latrobe City.

Future-ready aviation hub

Latrobe Regional Airport is poised to become a hub for advanced air mobility Latrobe Regional Airport is set to embark on an exciting journey as it aims to become a leading hub for advanced air mobility in the region. With the advent of innovative technologies and the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions, the airport is strategically positioning itself to embrace the future of aviation.

Latrobe Regional Airport's vision for becoming an advanced air mobility hub stems from its commitment to innovation, economic growth and environmental stewardship. Working collaboratively to co-design the future of advanced air mobility is the focus of a new partnership between Latrobe City Council and Swinburne University of Technology, announced at this year's Avalon Air Show.

Driving air innovation

The partnership will explore how advanced air mobility can be established at the Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct to drive economic growth in the region. Researchers from Swinburne's Aerostructures Innovation Research Hub (AIR Hub) will work with council, local research and industry partners, and certification organisations such as CASA, to pioneer modern technologies in advanced air mobility for the region and develop green aviation solutions to address real-world problems.

Latrobe City Council and Swinburne have a shared vision to position and develop Victoria as a national and global leader of advanced air mobility, creating innovative new economic, social and environmental opportunities for Australia. As our region transitions from the traditional industries that have underpinned our economy, we need to look towards new industries and be innovative in our thinking of what the jobs of the future look like.

Aerospace innovation hub

Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct presents an opportunity to position Latrobe Regional Airport at the forefront of the emerging aviation sector. The partnership will support future economic growth through the creation of new industry as the local economy transitions from a reliance on energy and manufacturing industries.

The Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct is located at Latrobe Regional Airport in Morwell. The partnership will re-energise the established capabilities, facilities and space to enable advanced air mobility technologies and craft. Swinburne's AIR Hub is one of Australia's largest and most active industry-research collaborations, driving the future of air mobility and developing the next generation of aerostructures in Australia.

Pictures from Latrobe City Council Facebook page.


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