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Monday Night's Council Meeting Round-Up: 6 April

A snapshot of some of the decisions made by Council at its Ordinary Meeting on Monday 6 April

By Portal Admin - 30th April 2020 - Back to News

Urgent Business

Business and Community Support Package

Item 17.1 | Time of decision: 00:00– 00:00

  1. Recognises that the COVID-19 Pandemic will have significant and widespread community and economic impacts within Latrobe City.
  2. Endorses the immediate implementation of a short-term Business and Community Support Package to be funded from the 2019-20 budget which includes;
    1. Paying all invoices/suppliers no later than 14 day terms to improve cashflow (rather than the usual 30 days);
    2. Refund street trading and outdoor dining permit charges from 1 March 2020 until 30 June 2020;
    3. Refund charges for health registrations from 1 March 2020 to 30 June 2020, for Latrobe City owned and/or operated small to medium businesses impacted by the restricted activities direction;
    4. Provide a minimum 50% reduction of rent for café and restaurant tenants in Council owned buildings until the date on prohibition on in-house dining is lifted;
    5. In relation to point 2 (d) in the event that the state or federal government do not provide rental assistance by 30 June provide a rent reduction of 100% until the date on prohibition on in-house dining is lifted;
    6. Providing a waiver of rent or fees for sporting groups utilising Council owned lands/grounds and buildings for the 2020 winter season;
    7. Suspend rent or fees for community groups utilising Council owned lands/grounds and buildings for a rent amount equivalent to the period from 1 March 2020 to 30 June 2020;
    8. Implementation of a package of measures to assist with access to information relevant to business support grants and other information including;
      1. Continuation of the COVID-19 business grants and programs page on Councils website.
      2. Establishment of a ‘Business Help Desk’ using Council’s contact centre number as the gateway.
      3. Preparation and circulation of a COVID-19 e-newsletter, that will be sent fortnightly to the Latrobe City Council business database.
    9. Undertake a comprehensive marketing program, utilising all media platforms, to demonstrate Council’s support for the business community;
  3. Develop a Council COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy that extends to investment and/or commercial properties and considers hardship circumstances relevant to payment of rates, fines and fees;
  4. Receives a further report no later than 30 June 2020 in relation to the implementation of the measures outlined and to determine if a further Business and Community Support Package should be considered.

Regional City Growth and Investment

Planning Scheme Amendment C119 - Latrobe City Council Retail Strategy 2019 - Consideration of Submissions

Item 14.1

After consideration of all the submissions, Council has adopted final Latrobe City Council Retail Strategy 2019 and will submit to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Council will now advise persons who made written submissions to Amendment C119 of Council’s decision.

Wind Energy Facilities and Infrastructure Policy 2011 & Gaming Planning Control Policy 2011

Item 14.2

Council resolved to revoke ‘Wind Energy Facilities and Infrastructure Policy (2011) and ‘Gaming Planning Control Policy (2011)’.

Assets and Presentation

Australian Government's Drought Program application
Item 15.1

Council endorsed the following projects to be submitted for funding to the Australia Government’s Drought Communities Program:
  • Flynn Hall – Hall project Stage 2 and other infrastructure improvements
  • Glengarry Township - Mechanics Institute Hall, Rail Trail, and Fred King Oval Infrastructure Improvements
  • Toongabbie Mechanics Institute Hall and Pedestrian and Drainage Improvements

Recreation Liaison and Sporting Reserves Maintenance - Community Committees Update

Item 15.2

Council accepts a number of resignations related to reserve and community committees and appoints a number of persons to fill those vacant positions.

Regional Car Park Fund - Endorsement of Candidate Carpark Locations
Item 15.3

Council endorses In-principle the following car park upgrades:
  • Queens Parade, Traralgon – VicTrack Lot 18;
  • Commercial Road, Morwell west of Jane Street Overpass – Regional Roads Victoria road reserve;
  • Princes Drive, Morwell, opposite Collins Street – VicTrack Lot 96;
  • Princes Drive, Morwell, opposite Hopetoun Street – Regional Roads Victoria road reserve;
  • George Street, Moe west of Moe Service Centre – VicTrack Lot 93;
  • Construction of a single storeycarpark above the current at-grade carpark west of the Latrobe City Council headquarters at 141 Commercial Road, Morwell
  • Construction of a multi-storey carpark on its property between Kay Street and Grey Street east of Church Street, Traralgon

Flynn Hall Project Reference Group - Terms of Reference

Item 15.4

Council adopted the Flynn Hall Project Reference Group Terms of Reference and appoint Cr O’Callaghan and Cr Howe to the Flynn Hall Project Reference Group.

Community Health and Wellbeing

Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee Terms of Reference Review

Item 16.1

Council endorsed the revised draft Terms of Reference for the Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee and approve the commencement of recruitment for the Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee for the 2020-2023 term through a public Expression of Interest process.

Organisational Performance

Annual Review of Procurement Policy

Item 17.1

Council adopted the Procurement Policy with an effective date of 7 April 2020 and rescinds any previous versions.

Review of Council Delegations

Item 17.2

In relation to the Delegation to Members of Council Staff delegates to the members of Council staff holding, acting in or performing the duties of the offices or positions referred to in the attached ‘Instrument of Delegation to members of Council staff’, the powers, duties and functions as described in that instrument, subject to the conditions and limitations specified in that Instrument;

  • The instrument comes into force immediately the common seal of Council is affixed to the instrument;
  • The instrument remains in force until Council resolves to vary or revoke it;
  • On the coming into force of the instrument all previous delegations to members of Council staff (other than the Chief Executive Officer) are revoked; and
  • The duties and functions set out in the instrument must be performed, and the powers set out in the instruments must be executed, in accordance with any guidelines or policies of Council that it may from time to time adopt

Election Period Policy

Item 17.3

Council adopted the Election Period Policy and revokes any previous versions. Election Period Policy is to be provided to Councillors and made public on Councils website and service centres.

Tabling of 'Assembly of Councillors' Record

Item 17.4

Council passed a motion to:
  • That Council receives and notes the Assembly of Councillors records tabled for the period 12 February 2020 to 12 March 2020.


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