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Russell Broadbent addresses nationwide Covid injustices-rights breaches, lockdowns, mandates and waste of $577B on vaccine and tests

Russell Broadbent has spoken with thousands about Covid injustices nationwide-rights violations, lockdowns, mandates. Numbers reveal a staggering $577B spent, with wasteful vaccine handling. Accountability is vital.

By news@gippsland - 22nd April 2024 - Back to News

Russell Broadbent here, your Independent Member for Monash. I've had thousands of conversations with people across our nation about a whole range of injustices suffered during the Covid-pandemic. Conversations about the blatant disregard of our human rights by government officials that led to record-high days in lockdown, border closures, both state and international, forced vaccination mandates and especially the right to gather together, for example no church services.

Australia acquired 267M Covid vaccine doses, adequate for tenfold population coverage. However, 35% wasted, with $577B spent, including $247M on tests and $18B on vaccines

Australia acquired 267M Covid vaccine doses, adequate for tenfold population coverage. However, 35% wasted, with $577B spent, including $247M on tests and $18B on vaccines

Pandemic by the numbers

A picture paints a thousand words, and I could talk for days about the hardships endured by Australians during the pandemic. But the numbers tell an even more riveting story:

  • There was a total of $577 billion taxpayer dollars spent on the Covid response by federal and state governments
  • This includes $247 million on Covid tests and over $18 billion on Covid vaccines and treatment supply

The Australian government purchased over 267 million Covid vaccine doses. Enough to vaccinate Australia's population ten times over! And last week it was reported that of these 267 million doses, only 26% have been used and 35% have been wasted - just thrown away!

Accountability in pandemic

That's millions of taxpayer dollars, literally down the drain, while everyday Australians struggle to make ends meet! Where's the accountability? Where's the explanation for such incompetence? The Department of Health posted 19 thousand times about Covid on social media, and the Australian Government censored 4000 social media posts as 'misinformation', many of which have subsequently been proven to be true!

And finally, there were 2662 complaints made to the Australian Human Rights Commission about Covid-19 policies. I ask you this - what sort of picture do these numbers paint for how we handled the pandemic? A pretty ugly one if you ask me. And that's justice as I see it.

Pictures from Russell Broadbent MP Facebook page.


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