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Latrobe City Council focused on attracting investments for sustainable economic growth

Latrobe City Council: Attracting investments in key industries for sustainable economic growth and transformation, offering opportunities in engineering, advanced air mobility, hydrogen, education, and health services.

By news@gippsland - 5th July 2023 - Back to News

Latrobe City Council is focused on investment attraction in key industries to help secure the region's economic future while supporting existing operators. Council's Our Transition Plan outlines a range of actions which will ensure the municipality has a sustainable future by supporting the diversification of established industry and businesses, parallel to attracting new industry and newcomers.

Latrobe City Council transition plan aims to support existing industry, attract new investments, and diversify key sectors for Latrobe City's sustainable future

Latrobe City Council transition plan aims to support existing industry, attract new investments, and diversify key sectors for Latrobe City's sustainable future

Investment and development

Focusing on attracting significant investments in key sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, advanced air mobility, hydrogen, education and health services is high on Our Transition Plan's agenda which outlines a strategic vision to transform Latrobe City into a thriving hub of innovation, economic growth and sustainable development.

Long recognised for our rich resources, skilled workforce and strategic location, Latrobe City is open for business with real estate available for new projects. Construction is underway on the first stage of the Gippsland Logistic Precinct - Investment and Employment in Morwell. Supported by the Victorian government's Regional Jobs and Infrastructure fund, the development's first stage will deliver fully serviced industrial zoned land.

Located between the Princes Freeway and Tramway Road, behind Mid Valley Shopping Centre, the precinct will be home to manufacturing and service providers key to attracting investment and industry to the broader Gippsland region.

Growth, support, success

Latrobe City is poised for significant growth and development across multiple sectors. The availability of land, reliable electricity supply, skilled and ready workforce and proximity to Melbourne, linked by a freeway, are all attractive factors for investors and will support the ongoing growth and transformation of our economy.

Council is dedicated to supporting potential investors throughout the investment journey by providing access to relevant networks and ongoing support, we aim to create an environment conducive to investment and long-term success.

Key industry opportunities

Engineering and manufacturing

Latrobe City possesses a strong engineering and manufacturing base. Council aims to attract investments in advanced manufacturing technologies, smart factories and automation systems, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and high-value job opportunities.

Council is seeking government support for greater investment in recycling and remanufacturing industries to enhance Latrobe City's role in the circular economy.

Advanced air mobility

Recognising the growing demand for advanced air mobility solutions, Latrobe City will position the Latrobe Regional Airport to be the Victorian Centre for Advanced Air Mobility, a hub for future transportation innovation. The diversification of Latrobe Regional Airport will create new industry and enable investment and employment opportunities.

New energy - Hydrogen

With our diverse energy resources and strong renewable energy potential, council is seeking government support to pursue opportunities in geothermal and hydrogen to support Latrobe's continued transition with a coordinated approach to investment in new energy.

The Gippsland region presents a unique opportunity to reduce global CO2 emissions through the production of large amounts of clean hydrogen. This positions Latrobe City to become a major player in the hydrogen economy. Council is actively positioning the region at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions.


Latrobe City is committed to nurturing a highly skilled workforce by attracting investments in education and training facilities. Our Transition Plan emphasises collaborations with educational institutions, industry partnerships, and the development of specialised programs to meet the evolving needs of the targeted sectors.

Council welcomes the Victorian government's $12 million funding pledge to establish a State Electricity Commission (SEC) Centre of Training Excellence to coordinate and accredit courses in clean energy, delivering jobs and funding the business case for the SEC and the establishment of the TAFE Clean Energy Fund which will support the creation of a $5 million Clean Energy Centre at TAFE Gippsland's Morwell Campus Trade Skills Centre.

Health services

Recognising the importance of accessible and high-quality healthcare services, Our Transition Plan highlights opportunities for investments in state-of-the-art health infrastructure, medical research facilities, and innovative healthcare technologies. These investments will contribute to the overall wellbeing of the community while creating employment opportunities for healthcare professionals.

The region's economic transition is an exciting development for both businesses and residents. It represents a shift towards a more sustainable and diverse economy, with opportunities for growth and innovation in a range of sectors. As Gippsland's Regional City, we play a critical leadership role in advocating for both public and private investment to support community aspirations.

Council wants to partner with government, industry, and business to strengthen Latrobe City's role as a regional hub of innovation and is inviting domestic and international investors looking to capitalise on the region's immense potential to partner with Latrobe City to help shape the future of our City. Together we can create a vibrant and sustainable economy that benefits our community and beyond.

Pictures from Latrobe Valley Authority Facebook page.


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