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A crazy man with a website built to make him rich

By Emma Kae - 29th June 2001 - Back to News

Tell us your opinionSee what others have said is the hilarious, bank-balancing brainchild of one greedy man. It is a website solely devoted to convincing its visitors to part with their hard-earned cash for the sake of fulfilling one manís superior wishlist.

Now this is not a charity or not-for-profit volunteer based organisation that desperately needs your support. Nor are you guaranteed to get any valuable return on your investment - although a donation of $10,000 plus will win you an interesting addition to your wardrobe that states: "I gave $10,000 to some guy on the net and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".

Aside from its wardrobe enhancing abilities, this website really is a stroke of genius. Psychiatrists are currently studying the condition visitors have after seeing the current balance of donations ($21,000) generally known as the "why didnít I think of that?" psychosis.

In addition to blatant begging for that spare cash that lays lodged behind your couch, has several other sections of interest, meaning that even the biggest cheapskates online will enjoy a visit to the site. There are tips for millionaires, notations on the eating habits of the creator and theories on his motivation.

"Why on Earth would I send him my money?!" I hear you ask. Well, click here to visit the website and read the Top 9 Reasons for emptying your purse for a bloke you have never even met.


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