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Coronet Bay with Helena Kidd

Dreams do Come True by Helena Kidd

By Portal Admin - 21st December 2020 - Back to News

Have you every been in love?

I love Coronet Bay - once referred to as a sleepy hollow. I never knew of its existence, a friend spoke to me about it when he found out I was looking to buy a beach house.

I discovered its unique beauty on my birthday October 2006. Leaving Melbourne for the 90 minute drive, along the old highway, my car window partly down, I felt the mornings chill dissipating as the suns rays warmed my bare arms.

Coronet Bay is a small township, south-east of Melbourne, on the eastern shore of Western Port Bay. Three marine national parks are part of this bay; French Island; Churchill Island, now a tourist destination; and the Yarringa area, which is more than two acres of marine protection.

My dream, was to own a beach house. I had searched Victorias many locations before that day, in the hope of purchasing a coastal house, but with without success.

Parking my car near the Coronet Bay beach on that perfectly clear day, then standing on the sand in my shoes, my views were across the bay to French Island, the largest coastal island in Victoria. In the distance I spied the bridge across to Philip Island. Then looking down onto the yellow sand, there was an abundance of sea shells that lay near the calm flat waters, that sparkled. I couldnt believe this place was real. I drove around the undiscovered beach-side suburb with its unmade dusty roads, beach shacks of a past era - thinking I could live in a place such as this. On that very day my dream become an unexpected reality I didnt buy a house; I purchased a block of land. The real-estate agent showed me homes for sale that did not appeal to me. She was surprised when I ask to look at land.

My land sat idle for a year while I planned to build a proper beach house - my vision of a curved roof, the materials, colour bond and render, blue ridge and surf mist were my colour choices. My architectural house was to set a precedence to what would follow many years later in my paradise. No matter how much money one has or borrows its never enough. The builders quotes I received were beyond my capacity to build my modest house within my small budget. I became an owner builder that way I was in control of the spending, so I thought. I read books and manuals but nothing prepared me for the real thing. To complete the house, I needed to borrow more money. In order to do this I rented the family home to show the banks an increase in my income. My two children and I moved in with my mother in her two bedroom Victorian Terrace in Brunswick. I was not giving up on my dream. When the house was completed one year later, I had no choice but to rent my new home to a stranger for two years. Then the house became ours, to live in and create memories.

These first images of the beach stay with me: families with their children playing in the sand, or swimming close to the shore in the calm flat waters. When the tide goes out, they relish exploring beneath the spongy sand. The clear waters, reveal schools of silver fish that dart away in the shallows, and stripped baby puffer fish in abundance. A rare sight of a small sting ray floating casually by. Clear jelly fish that are harmless get left on the sand, along with crested-horn shark eggs with distinctive cone spiral shapes. In the distance I often see small crafts with a lone fisher person sitting ever so still. The sea kayak is becoming popular as is stand-up paddling, on the smooth bay.

In the winter months fine brown threads of seaweed are pushed out of the water and cover the sand. They form lumpy mounds that are fun to walk on. At other times that seaweed forms perfectly round balls of varied sizes, I wonder how nature dose that?

The magical sunsets never tire me, brightly coloured or subdue shades I always marvel at them, like its my first time.

Now in 2020 Coronet Bay has bitumen roads, new homes and renovated beach shacks. There are improved walking and bike paths behind the beach. The viewing points along the away have information signs about the area. Along the track is dense foliage, that hides large wetlands, a haven for the many rare bird species. Further along the path are countless burrows that go deep into the earth, hiding wombats. A large portion of land in the area is used for farming purposes, grazing cattle, deer and sheep. The beach and green pastures residing together.

The locals form many groups to protect our haven or to improve its beauty. This truly is community spirit. Now we have small subdivisions that entice new residence, families, and retirees, who build holiday homes in beachy styles. The people of this community are friendly an welcoming. Coronet Bay is still my paradise and my love I hope it stays that way for years to come.

Wet lands Coronet Bay

Bike and beach

Sunset Coronet Bay

Boat Coronet Bay


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