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Life Saving Victoria and Kidsafe are extra care of toddlers ages who are at high risk of drowning

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) and Kidsafe Victoria are pleading with parents and caregivers to keep watch of their little ones around water, as statistics reveal children aged 0-4 are at high risk of drowning during November.

By news@gippsland - 2nd November 2022 - Back to News

According to LSV's research, 11 children within this age group have drowned in November during the past 20 years, with particular risk identified around the home. LSV manager research and evaluation Dr Hannah Calverley said any body of water, no matter how seemingly innocuous, must be treated as a potential drowning risk.

Children aged 0-4 years drowned, will home pools as the most common drowning location, effective adult supervision can reduce the tragic drowning deaths to zero

Children aged 0-4 years drowned, will home pools as the most common drowning location, effective adult supervision can reduce the tragic drowning deaths to zero

Restrict kids with barriers

Dr Calverley said, "We know children are curious, so it is absolutely vital they are actively supervised around water, and that access to things like dams, plugged baths or sinks, buckets of water, troughs or even pet water bowls are restricted by a barrier at all times. Parents and caregivers are busy, but you cannot afford even a moment's distraction around water when children are involved."

"Tragically, in 2021-22, five Victorian children aged 0-14 lost their lives to drowning. That's five families feeling the weight of this loss every day and every birthday, Christmas, and special occasion. It's every parent's nightmare." Dr Calverley said.

Water familiarisation to kids

Kidsafe Victoria general manager, Jason Chambers reminded caregivers that children under five must be within arm's reach of a supervising adult whenever they are in, on or around the water. "Children can drown in as little as a few centimetres of water in just a few seconds, so we're pleading with you to make sure you are watching over your most vulnerable little loved ones."

"This includes having a designated water safety supervisor at group events, so there's always someone looking out for kids around water. Make sure you create a safe place for children to play at home and on farms, away from water and other hazards; and if you are camping by a waterway or spending time at a farm, dress children in bright clothing, so they are easier to spot."

"You should also acquaint children with water via water familiarisation and learn to swim lessons." Mr Chambers said. Tragically, 13 people have already drowned in Victoria since 1 July this year.

Pictures from Kid Safe Victoria Facebook page.


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