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Ian Grant's Caravans Pty Ltd
Ian Grant's Caravans Pty Ltd

Ian Grant's Caravans is truly a "one stop Caravan Shop" for all your Caravan needs

At Ian Grant's Caravans we sell top quality Caravans at some of the best prices in Australia. Customers come from as far away as Perth and Cairns and many other far flung areas of Australia time and time again. Ian has been in the Caravan trade in the Latrobe Valley for 25 years and has had his family business for the past 14 years. Together with his wife Minnie, sons Ian and Scott and daughter Lorraine they have a business with family values that makes them quiet unique. Part of the reason for their huge repeat sales is their wonderful after sales service, great prices and large range of quality Caravans. Do yourself a favour and check Ians prices before purchasing your next Caravan and find out why so many Melbourne buyers come to Traralgon. From a cheap Caravan to sit on site to a top of the range custom built Van Ian can do it all!!

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  • Contact Name: Ian Grant
    Phone: 03 5174 1381
    Fax: 03 5174 8987
    Mobile: 0408 598 905

    Princes Highway Traralgon

    How often email is checked: Every business day

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