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Neighbourhood Watch - Morwell LTB1:
May Newsletter for LTB1, Bridle Estate (NHW61)

Police Band Concert, Crime Prevention Tip, Scam, Crime Statistics, Crime and Older People.

By Malcolm Lawrence - 7th May 2002 - Back to News

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Neighbourhood Watch Inc.  No. A0037920V               You are in Zone _______


Neighbourhood Watch Area LTB1, Bridle Estate, May News Letter.

Area Coordinators Carmen Cook  5134 1920,  Val. Bartholomeusz  5133 9685.


Next Meeting

                                      When:  Monday 20th of May, 2002.

                                       Time:   7.15pm to 8.30pm,

                                     Where:   Salvation Army Hall,

                                                   Bridle Road, Morwell.


Police Band Concert:

Please Note, The Police Band Concert will now be held on Wednesday the 17th of July. The show will commence at 7.30pm and finish at 10.30pm, with entertainment provided by the Police Show Band and The Police Highland Pipe Band.

Tickets are $6.00 each and can be obtained from your Zone Leader or Carmen. The music from these two bands is truly superb.


Crime Prevention Tip:      "Securing Your Motor Car"

1.             Ensure that motor car doors are locked at all times when unattended. (Lock all doors and windows).

2.             Valuables/Personal items should not be left in the motor car interior or boot area. (EG: money, wallets, handbags, mobile phones, cameras etc.).

3.             The fitting of steering locks and alarms are a good deterrent against car theft.

4.             Avoid leaving motor cars in isolated areas for long periods.

5.             Police should be notified immediately of any suspicious activities, including theft from motor cars.

Police Emergency Number is "000"

For further enquiries contact your local police station or the Crime Prevention Officer at Police Headquarters Morwell, on (03)5132 2159



A letter was recently sent by someone claiming to be a clairvoyant to an unsuspecting citizen. The letter read as follows: "I beg you not to hesitate for a single second and respond straight away. Today you are the ‘chosen one’ among thousands of people to receive this gift from the heavens". The letter then asked the recipient for $94 to receive their "Grand Celestial File".

Consumer Affairs Victoria advises that there have been similar clairvoyance scams in the past. They operate from a P.O. box, and the money is often sent overseas making investigation difficult and a refund impossible. Even if you get your ‘celestial file’ it is worthless.

The only prediction you can make for this kind of scam is that you can kiss your money goodbye.

 Police Crime Statistics for April 2002, NHW area LTB1 Bridle Estate 
  • 1/4/02                       Laurel Street                       Property damage to the Salvation Army premises.
  • 2/4/02                       Peter Street                       Property damage to a house.
  • 8/4/02                       Gabo Way                       Arson to a house.
  • 10/4/02                       Wyung Drive                       Theft from a motor vehicle parked in the drive.
  • 23/4/02                       Peter Street                       Theft of a motor vehicle.
  • 23/4/02                       Spring Court                       Property damage to a house.
  • 25/4/02                       The Boulevard                       Burglary at a residence.
  • 27/4/02                       Peter Street                       Property damage to a house.

 There has been  one motor vehicle stolen for the month

Seven offenders have been processed for any of the reported offences in the area.



Crime and Older People 

Many older people believe they are at great risk of becoming victims of crime. This may be exacerbated by media reporting of attacks against older people which creates the impression that older people are more frequently victims of crime than other age groups in the community.

Who are the victims of crime?

The risk of being a victim of crime is not equal for all Victorians. Age, gender, socio-economic background and place of residence are all known risk factors. Younger age groups, particularly young males, are more at risk of becoming victims of personal offences such as assault, than any other group in the community. Despite their fears, older people are actually much safer than other age groups.

The facts

The older a person becomes, the less likely they are to become a victim of crime. People aged 60+ represented an estimated 17% of the Victorian population in 1999, yet experienced only 3% of all crimes against the person. More crime occurs in metropolitan Melbourne than in regional areas of Victoria. A higher proportion of older people live in regional Victoria where crime levels are lower.   

(from NHW Sentinel



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