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Use an e-newsletter to keep your subscribers up to date and asking for more

By Emma Kae - 3rd October 2000 - Back to News

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What is all this you have been hearing about electronic newsletters?

E-newsletters are becoming an increasingly popular means of promotion, mainly due to their effectiveness in raising awareness of any website and increasing sales for most e-business sites.

An e-newsletter is usually free and distributed to subscribers by e-mail. It can contain anything from news articles and pictures to website updates, the more creative the better.

Why are they so successful?

E-newsletters are great for spotlighting things you want to have noticed on your website. You can point out new products or features, raising awareness of well, anything you like.

The results for e-newsletters – measured in number of click-throughs to a corresponding part of the site - have proven to be immensely effective. Research has shown that e-newsletters often have a better response rate than banner ads.

They are reasonably easy and inexpensive to implement into your system. With minimal cost you can send your e-newsletter to literally thousands of subscribers. But how do you get subscribers? You can obtain potential addresses in two ways: through list hosts or by advertising the free e-newsletter on your webpage.

List hosts - there are several free list hosts on the internet, services whom supply you with addresses in exchange for a small amount of advertising space within your e-newsletter. You can also purchase lists (generally priced between $20 and $100), that will allow you to transmit each e-newsletter without outside advertising.

On your webpage – have a small advertisement on your webpage announcing “subscribe to our free e-newsletter here” with a link to a form on which they can supply you with their e-mail address. This will attract the attention of people who are already interested in the things you have to offer.

Sending unsolicited e-mails (or ‘spamming’) has legal and ethical liabilities, and so any web marketer must gain permission from the recipient before anything is sent. Although this may appear to be a setback, consider this: each e-newsletter will be directed at a receptive audience – people who want to receive your message. There will be fewer undeliverable emails, and time will be subsequently saved on list management.

So now you know why they should be a part of your promotional package, here is how to go about making the best possible e-newsletter for your website.

You don’t need to be selling something to make use of an e-newsletter. The content can consist of anything you like – horoscopes, jokes, funny photos, quotes, links to related sites or hints and tips.

Always keep the content of your e-newsletter vibrant and interesting. Give your readers a reason to open the next e-newsletter you send with great enthusiasm. As inboxes become increasingly crowded, each user becomes tempted to initiate a delete sequence. Keep in mind the fact that your e-newsletter must be virtually irresistible to remain active.

Be creative and offer incentive for people to subscribe. If your business deals in cars, offer things like tips on how to best maintain your vehicle, or include news articles about the latest advances in car-directed technology. If you are selling products like motor oil, you can have links within specific articles encouraging the ease of making a purchase.

Ensure that the information in your e-newsletter is suitable to the target audience. If you are an e-business that sells shoes, it would not make sense to be advertising boat parts, would it?

Strive to include once-off attention grabbing inserts like exclusive articles, special product discounts, or interactive contests to raise the interest level of each issue.

Ensure each newsletter has clear instructions on how to opt out of subscription to stay on the right side of e-mail legislation.

Not only will it raise awareness and curiosity, you can cash in by selling ad space or promoting products for other companies.

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