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Neighbourhood Watch - Morwell LTB1:

NHW and The Centenary Parade, Towing A Caravan, Police Crime Statistics for October 2001

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Neighbourhood Watch Inc. No. A0037920V

Neighbourhood Watch Area LTB1, Bridle Estate.

Area Coordinators Carmen Cook 5134 1920, Val. Bartholomeusz 5133 9685.

Next Meeting

When: Monday the 19th of November 2001.
Time: 7.15pm to 8.30pm,
Where: Salvation Army Hall,
Bridle Road, Morwell.

NHW and The Centenary Parade:

On Sunday the 1st of April, NHW was involved with a procession in Morwell celebrating the Centenary of Federation. A number of enthusiastic volunteers, under the guidance of Kath Carruthers produced a marvellous float, which was a credit to the volunteers and the NHW organization. The most pleasing part of the whole exercise, was the involvement of students from year 7A Kurnai College, McDonald Street Campus. The students, under the supervision of teacher Robyn Horvath, were asked to produce artwork depicting their impressions of NHW and what it stood for. This artwork was placed around the float, and the response from the crowd was really great. (from NHW Sentinel)

Towing A Caravan:

The summer holidays are not far away and many people will be towing a caravan. Here are some tips to follow to ensure a happy trouble free journey.

  • Make sure your vehicle has a towing kit that complies with the vanís requirements.
  • Check that weight of the caravan on the tow ball does not exceed the vehicle manufacturers recommendations; this is a lot less than the towing weight.
  • Fit recommended exterior rear view mirrors.
  • Donít load the vehicle beyond its towing weight.
  • Check the vanís tyres for correct inflation, and brakes for operation.
  • Make sure the towing vehicleís rear tyres have between 250kPa and 280kPa (36-40psi) of air and add an extra 25kPa (4psi) to the front tyres.
  • Carry a fire extinguisher in the van.
  • Make sure you have the correct spare wheel for the van, carry a suitable jack and know how to use it.
  • Check the vanís wheel bearings and condition of tyres.
  • Fill water tanks and gas bottles and lock and secure the vanís interior.
  • When travelling leave at least 60m between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead. Remember it will take longer to stop in an emergency.
  • Perhaps the most important, pull over if you are holding up traffic.

Police Crime Statistics for October 2001, NHW Area LTB1 Bridle Estate

Due to privacy considerations NOT ALL offences for this area are listed.

  • 27/9/01 Kurt Street Property damage in the front garden of a residence.
  • 29/9/01 The Avenue Burglary at a flat.
  • 1/10/01 Park Avenue Burglary at a house.
  • 2/10/01 Airlie Bank Road Property damage to a house.
  • 3/10/01 Park Avenue Burglary at a house.
  • 4/10/01 Park Avenue Property damage to a flat.
  • 4/10/01 Birch Court Burglary and Arson to a garage.
  • 4/10/01 Chickerell Street Theft from a factory.
  • 7/10/01 Gabo Way Attempted burglary at a unit.
  • 14/10/01 Tambo Crescent Property damage to a unit.
  • 14/10/01 Chestnut Avenue Theft from a car parked in the drive.
  • 16/10/01 Chickerell Street Burglary at an industrial premises.
  • 19/10/01 Bridle Road Property damage (broken window) at the Salvation Army.
  • 20/10/01 Bridle Road Burglary at a flat.
  • 22/10/01 Bridle Road Theft from a motor vehicle parked in the drive.
  • 22/10/01 Wyung Drive Theft from a motor vehicle parked in the drive.

How Does Crime Increase?

Crime Increases when good people sit back, do nothing and let it happen.

How Is Your Fridge Going:

With summer nearly here your fridge will be called on to keep its contents cool enough to prevent spoiling.

Is your fridge bursting at the seams, bottles and food all crammed in together? Fridges that are crammed full may be unable to work properly. The air cannot circulate in the cabinet if it is restricted by the contents. It is most important that your fridge maintains a consistently cold temperature to store food safely. Keeping food cold slows down the rate at which most bacteria and mould grow, and helps to keep the food fresh for longer. The safest way to store fresh food is at temperatures between 0oC and 4oC, check the temperature with a fridge thermometer. Fridges shouldnít be too cold either, because at less than 0oC some foods, such as fruit and vegetables, could freeze and become inedible. The temperature of the freezing compartment of your refrigerator should be between Ė10oC and† -18oC.

NHW Works!

Mark It In March.

One of the more unusual items to be marked during this yearís "Mark It In March" was in Mount Waverely, where NHW volunteers engraved a recent model motor vehicle. This might be the modern equivalent of horse branding.


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