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Martin Cameron condemns proposal to rejuvenate SEC deeming it insubstantial and ineffective at stopping rises in energy costs for Victorians

Martin Cameron raises doubts about key promises and criticises the hurried shift away from gas. He contends that the plan lacks accurate cost estimates for transitioning to renewables and achieving net-zero emissions by 2045.

By news@gippsland - 26th October 2023 - Back to News

The state government's three-point plan to revive the State Electricity Commission is no plan at all, according to the Nationals Member for Morwell, Martin Cameron. "The Premier had a chance to assure Victorians that Labor's plan to revive the SEC was more than a pie-in-the-sky grab for votes, but all we have is more questions than answers," Mr Cameron said.

Mr Cameron emphasises risks from closing coal plants without backup, predicting more blackouts and higher costs. He contends the plan neglects Latrobe Valley's needs

Mr Cameron emphasises risks from closing coal plants without backup, predicting more blackouts and higher costs. He contends the plan neglects Latrobe Valley's needs

Power plan critique

Mr Cameron said, "The pillar promise, that the SEC will drive down power prices, has already been exposed as a falsity after its former CEO confirmed prices would in fact rise. Rushing to get Victorians off gas, when 60% of households are reliant on it, will only drive-up demand for electricity at a time when Labor has failed to shore-up the state's generation capacity."

"We know this will lead to more blackouts, more often so if the Premier thinks we have endured a 'long, cold winter' without the SEC, then she is in for a rude shock during winters without power under this half-baked plan. All we have, even after the release of this 'plan', is a vague $1 billion pledge with no independent costs, that experts say is woefully inadequate - the transition to renewables will come at an estimated cost of $320 billion," he said.

Renewable transition concerns

Mr Cameron added, "I support a sensible and considered transition to renewables, but Labor's plan is neither sensible nor considered. The goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2045 is based on ideology and not reality. The fact is, shutting down our coal-fired power stations without a plan to keep the lights on is a recipe for disaster."

"The SEC will not bring power prices down, it will not deliver 59,000 jobs, and it absolutely will not deliver enough renewable energy to meet demand in time for Labor's accelerated planned closure of coal-fired power stations."

"Here in the Latrobe Valley, where we have powered the state for more than a century, the people didn't vote for this. They see this for what it is: a political stunt that ignores commercial realities and will only increase power bills and taxes for Victorians," Mr Cameron concluded.

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