What is the Gippsland Portal Business Directory?

The Gippsland Portal is expected to become the centralised place on the Internet where you will find every current business or community group that is located in Gippsland. It is be the on-line contact and service directory for Gippsland with communication details such as phone numbers, addresses and websites listed for your convenience.

Want to find a local business or business supplier?

If you want to find a local supplier for something your business needs, where do you go? There’s no Gippsland database that tells you who makes widgets, or natural ice-cream, or sprockets for billy-carts – or is there?

The answer is yes, now there is!

Gippsland.com is a new web site that has been set up specifically for Gippsland and is effectively the gateway to local information. It’s publically funded, through a grant from Multi-Media Victoria and direct support from the municipalities of Baw Baw, Latrobe, Wellington and East Gippsland as well as Gippsland Development Ltd.

Most importantly it is open to everyone.

How do I use it?

Picture this: you’re sitting in your office and your overseas supplier has just called to say that export of your parts is not possible because of the overseas situation. It would be great to find someone locally who supplies the part, but where do you start?

The answer is Gippsland.com. You log onto the net, tap in the address www.gippsland.com and you’re there.

The businesses are listed according to service sector, so if you want for example engineering firms, you can call up all those firms listed.

And not only do you have contact details, but you can normally link straight through to that firm’s website and see for yourself what they are capable of producing.

That means before you ring anyone for a discussion, you have a good idea about that business and what they do.

While you’re on the site, you might also check out what might be nice for the spouse’s birthday and where you can stay next week when you are at the other end of Gippsland on business or pleasure.

Should I also be listed on it?

How do people find your business? Not just now but in the future?

The web is an excellent research tool and already more than 70% of Gippsland businesses and more than 30% of Gippsland households use the internet on a regular basis.

In the very near future across Gippsland, www.gippsland.com will be the address of choice when you want to know about this region.

An important point to remember is that you do not have to have your own website – or even your own email address – to be listed on Gippsland.com.

If you do however have an established web site, linking your web site is now even easier with a Portal Listing. A listing on the Gippsland Portal is a extremly effective method of generating traffic for your business website!

New sales opportunities

More and more people are using the Internet to locate businesses who supply the products and services they are after. If you have a business you can't afford not to be listed in our directory because it's searched by hundreds of local people each week.

Online sales leads

An Online sales lead is one that takes place completely over the Internet. For example, someone may be searching for "lawn mowers", locate your business directory listing, and then fill out the inquiry form to ask for prices - all of this happening without leaving the computer.

To find out the cost of advertising on the gippsland.com click here

Who supports the Gippsland Portal?

See the current list of supporters and partners.

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